Monday, October 16, 2017

Longoria win Women's Open at 2017 Casino Racquetball Open

Paola Longoria won the Women’s Open event at the 2017 Casino Racquetball Open in Mexicali, Mexico on the weekend, going undefeated in a five player round robin. She won her matches in three straight games, except against Carla Muñoz, who took a game off the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour’s (LPRT’s) #1 player. Longoria won that match 15-1, 11-15, 11-3.

But Muñoz finished 3rd in the competition, as she lost to Jessica Parrilla, 15-7, 15-4, so Parrilla came in 2nd. Longoria defeated Parrilla, 15-9, 15-4.

Maritza Franco was 4th, and Delia Aguilar 5th, as Franco defeated Aguilar, 15-9, 15-6.

The LPRT will next be in action at the Boston Open, October 27-29, in Boston, Massachusetts.

2017 Casino Racquetball Open, Mexicali, Mexico
October 11-15, 2017

Women’s Open

1) Paola Longoria - 4-0
2) Jesssica Parrilla - 3-1
3) Carla Muñoz - 2-2
4) Maritza Franco - 1-3
5) Delia Aguilar - 0-4

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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Parrilla defeats Beltran to win 2017 WRT Casino Racquetball Open

Andree Parrilla defeated Alvaro Beltran, 15-9, 15-9, to win the World Racquetball Tour (WRT) Casino Racquetball Open in Mexicali, Mexico Saturday, which was his 4th WRT title. Parrilla was full measure for the win, as he defeated Alejandro Landa - a 9 time WRT event winner - in the semi-finals, and then Beltran, the 4th ranked player on the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) and a semi-finalist as last week’s US Open, as well as Gerardo Franco in the quarterfinals. Thus, Parrilla’s victory was well earned.

He was generally in control of the match. Parrilla had a large lead in game one, getting to 14 when Beltran was still at 5. But Beltran fought off a few game points before Parrilla was able to finish it off.

Parrilla again had a lead early in game two, 3-1. But Beltran tied it at 3-3, and he went ahead at 6-5. Then Parrilla regained the momentum, scoring six unanswered points, to go up 11-6. Beltran did call a timeout at 9-6, but to no avail.

Yet, Beltran did draw within two again at 11-9. But Parrilla continued to work for every point. For example, he dove to retrieve a ball that led to a Beltran skip, which put Parrilla on match point at 14-9.

He won it on the next rally by drive serving to the left side that Beltran returned with a backhand down the line, but Parrilla covered that shot, and hit a controlled re-kill to get the 15th and final point.

Next WRT event will include Monchik

The next WRT event will be in Salt Lake City when the Rocky Mountain Open takes place, October 25-28. Sudsy Monchik tweeted that he will be playing Salt Lake City, so it will be interesting to see how he fares. Monchik made the quarterfinals of the US Open - racquetball’s Grand Slam - only getting stopped by Beltran, so he could be a threat to win it all in Salt Lake.

2017 WRT Casino Racquetball Open, Mexicali, Mexico
October 11-15, 2017

Singles - Final - Saturday

3) Andree Parrilla d. 21) Alvaro Beltran, 15-9, 15-9

Singles - Semi-finals - Saturday

21) Alvaro Beltran d. 1) Rodrigo Montoya, 15-13, 8-15, 11-10
3) Andree Parrilla v. 7) Alejandro Landa, 15-8, 15-11

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Quarterfinal results from 2017 WRT Casino Racquetball Open

They are down to the semi-finals at the World Racquetball Tour (WRT) Casino Racquetball Open in Mexicali, Mexico, and there have been a couple of upsets along the way, but no real surprises, as the players causing the upsets are well known: Alvaro Beltran and Alejandro Landa. Beltran’s the 4th ranked player on the International Racquetball Tour (IRT), and Landa is a multiple WRT event winner, but neither have played many WRT events recently, so their seeding does not accurately reflect their skill level.

Beltran, seeded 21st, defeated 5th seed Jaime Martell in the Round of 16, 15-9, 8-15, 11-9, and then took out 4th seed Jake Bredenbeck in the quarterfinals, 15-4, 12-15, 11-5. He’ll face top seed Rodrigo Montoya in the semi-finals, as Montoya defeated 8th seed Christian Longoria, 15-14, 15-5, in the quarters.

Landa only needed two games in each of the 16s and quarters to reach the semis. He took out Miguel Rodriguez Jr., 15-8, 15-9, in the Round of 16, and 2nd seed David Horn, 15-12, 15-12, in the quarterfinals. Landa will play 3rd seed Andree Parrilla in the other semi-final. Parrilla was a straight game winner over Gerardo Franco, 15-7, 15-13, in the quarters.

You can watch the semi-finals live from Mexicali via WRT website beginning at 11 AM Saturday with the final at 5 PM Saturday. All times Pacific.

2017 WRT Casino Racquetball Open, Mexicali, Mexico
October 11-15, 2017

Singles - Round of 16

1) Rodrigo Montoya d. 16) Juan Loreto, 15-2, 15-5
8) Christian Longoria d. 9) Francisco Troncoso, 15-5, 15-9

21) Alvaro Beltran d. 5) Jaime Martell, 15-9, 8-15, 11-9
4) Jake Bredenbeck d. 13) Nicolai Miramontes, 15-5, 15-4

3) Andree Parrilla d. 14) Ernesto Ochoa, 15-11, 15-5
6) Gerardo Franco d. 11) Sebastian Fernandez, 15-12, 15-14

7) Alejandro Landa d. 10) Miguel Rodriguez Jr., 15-8, 15-9
2) David Horn d. 15) Rodrigo Rodriguez, 15-8, 15-3

Singles - Quarterfinals

1) Rodrigo Montoya d. 8) Christian Longoria, 15-14, 15-5
21) Alvaro Beltran d. 4) Jake Bredenbeck, 15-4, 12-15, 11-5

3) Andree Parrilla d. 6) Gerardo Franco, 15-7, 15-13
7) Alejandro Landa d. 2) David Horn, 15-12, 15-12

Singles - Semi-finals - Saturday

1) Rodrigo Montoya v. 21) Alvaro Beltran - 12:30 PM
3) Andree Parrilla v. 7) Alejandro Landa - 11 AM

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