Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hogan Back and Center

Here's a blast from the past The Racquetball Blog came across recently. This is the souvenir pic from the 1981 CBC International Racquetball Classic in Winnipeg, Canada. The event was a challenge between Canadians and Americans, so it wasn't an official pro tour event. Nevertheless it was prestigious, as it was taped for broadcast on CBC in Canada and ESPN in the USA.

Here's who's there (according to name list found with photo). In the front row (left to right): Sherman Greenfeld, Linda Forcade, Shannon Wright, Heather McKay, Heather Stupp, Susie Dugan (we're guessing there, as she's not identified in the list, but the other possibility, Karin Walton-Trent, had blonde hair), and Dan Bertolucci.

In the back row from left to right are Davey Bledsoe, Dwayne Kohuch, Wes Hadikin, Wendell Talaber, Dave Peck, Brad Kruger, Marty Hogan, Wayne Bowes, Ben Koltun, Don Thomas, Jerry Hilecher, Bob Daku, Lindsay Myers, and Craig McCoy.

In the men's final, Hilecher defeated Mike Yellen, who's missing from this photo, while in the women's final Wright defeated Stupp, who had upset McKay in the semi-finals.

Follow the bouncing ball....

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What a great picture. I had the privilege of meeting several of the women pros. Heather Stupp and I struck a friendship while they were in town in April 1983 in Kent Washington during a club grand opening which included the women's pro tour. I believe she made the quarters. Was a law student at the time. Heather Mckay was there and others. I had yet to pick up a racket. What a surprise to see this picture. Dirk-Racquetball Strategy Blog