Wednesday, February 10, 2010

USA National Doubles Championships - Draws

The draws for the USA National Doubles Championship in Tempe, Arizona are now available, and we've got them below. Play in the men's National Team Qualifying division's Round of 16 will begin Thursday night with the exception of the play-in game between Brian Berkelhamer & Jorge Ortiz and Ken Angelocci & Andy Lewis. They'll go at it on Wednesday night. The quarter finals will be on Friday with the semis and final on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

The women's draw, such as it is, has the play in game on Friday afternoon with the semi-finals on Saturday afternoon and the final on Sunday.

The men's draw is set up for a repeat of Rocky Carson and Jack Huczek versus Ben Croft and Mitch Williams, as those teams are seeded 1 and 2, respectively. But there are some other match-ups that look interesting as well.

For example, the team of Jason Thoerner and Shane Vanderson could meet Croft and Williams in the semi-finals, and that would be interesting.

Another potential match is Jason Mannino and Eric Muller versus Chris Crowther and Tim Doyle. It's a match that would pit a team of a current top 10 pros and a past doubles champion (Mannino and Muller, respectively) against another current top 10 pro and a former top 10 pro (Crowther and Doyle, respectively).

Perhaps the most attractive of the Round of 16 matches is Craig Lane and Greg Solis, excellent outdoor racquetball players, against Andy Hawthorne and Jeff Stark.

The women's title is likely Jackie Paraiso and Aimee Ruiz's to lose. They'll have fight with the winner of the match between Rhonda Rajsich & Janel Tisinger and Krystal Csuk & Cheryl Gudinas, and perhaps get tested by the winners of the two young teams competing in the play in match. But anything other than a Paraiso and Ruiz championship would be a surprise.

2010 USA Racquetball National Doubles Championships
Tempe, Arizona
US National Team Division Entries

First Round

Brian Berkelhamer & Jorge Ortiz vs. Ken Angelocci & Andy Lewis

Round of 16
Rocky Carson & Jack Huczek vs. Brian Berkelhamer & Jorge Ortiz or Ken Angelocci & Andy Lewis
Craig Lane & Greg Solis vs. Andy Howthorne & Jeff Stark

Jason Mannino & Eric Muller vs. Anthony Herrera & Taylor Knoth
Chris Crowther & Tim Doyle vs. Jansen Allen & Tony Carson

Jason Thoerner & Shane Vanderson vs. Todd Entrikin & Dale Valentine
Zach Apperson & Doug Ganim vs. Dan Llacera & Mike Orr

Jeff Bell & Tom Fuhrman vs. Shawn Royster & Cliff Swain
Ben Croft & Mitch Williams vs. Jonathan Dunn & Jason Geis

First Round

Lily Berry & Sharon Jackson vs. Sheryl Lotts & Aubrey O'Brien

Jackie Paraiso & Aimee Ruiz vs. Lily Berry & Sharon Jackson or Sheryl Lotts & Aubrey O'Brien
Rhonda Rajsich & Janel Tisinger vs. Krystal Csuk & Cheryl Gudinas

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