Thursday, June 23, 2011

WPRO Rankings - 2010-11 FINAL Rankings

The season ending Women's Professional Racquetball Organization (WPRO) rankings confirmed that Rhonda Rajsich finished as the #1 player for the fourth time in her career, tying her with Cheryl Gudinas for 3rd most behind Michelle Gould, who finished #1 seven times, and Lynn Adams (6).

Gudinas finished the season ranked 5th, which was the 18th time she's been in the top 10 at season's end and that's more than any other women's player. Rajsich has been in the season ending top 10 eleven times and Kerri Wachtel ten times; Wachtel finished 4th this season.

For the first time ever, five players from outside the USA finished in the top 10, including three Mexicans in the top 6. Paola Longoria (Mexico) was 2nd, Samantha Salas (Mexico) 3rd and Susy Acosta-Mendoza (Mexico) edged out Canadian Jennifer Saunders for 6th by just over one ranking point. Cristina Amaya of Colombia was 9th.

The previous high for non-Americans in the WPRO top 10 was the 2008-09 season, when four players were in the top 10 (Veronica Sotomayor (Ecuador), Angela Grisar (Chile), Longoria and Saunders).

Salas, Saunders, Amaya and Krystal Csuk, who was 10th, all achieved career highs for season ending WPRO rankings. Acosta-Mendoza didn't, as she was 5th at the end of the 1999-2000 season and 6th at the end of 2000-01.

2010-2011 Season Ending WPRO Rankings (May 20, 2011)
Rank - Player - Nationality - Points

1 Rhonda Rajsich (USA) 1626.80
2 Paola Longoria (Mexico) 1601.78
3 Samantha Salas (Mexico) 873.70
4 Kerri Wachtel (USA) 553.55
5 Cheryl Gudinas (USA) 481.20
6 Susy Acosta-Mendoza (Mexico) 395.30
7 Jennifer Saunders (Canada) 394.10
8 Adrienne Fisher (USA) 379.70
9 Cristina Amaya (Colombia) 344.33
10 Krystal Csuk (USA) 332.70

11 Angela Grisar (Chile) 311.00
12 Christie Huczek (Canada) 300.25
13 Nancy Enriquez (Mexico) 221.48
14 T.J. Baumbaugh (USA) 195.50
15 Da'monique Davis (USA) 157.75
16 Claudine Garcia (Dominican Republic) 128.60
17 Aimee Ruiz (USA) 119.80
18 Jo Shattuck (USA) 119.30
19 Keely Franks (USA) 105.00
20 Laura Brandt (USA) 104.50

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