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23rd Junior Worlds - Results Summary

Players from nine of the seventeen nations won medals while competing at the 23rd International Racquetball Federation (IRF) World Junior Racquetball Championships last week in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Mexicans were the clear leaders as they had four players win two gold medals: Rodrigo Montoya in Boys U14, Rodrigo Garay in Boys U16, Diana Aguilar in Girls U14 and Alexandra Herrera in Girls U16.

Bolivians went home with two gold, five silver and one bronze for eight total medals. USA had nine total medals - one more than Bolivia but fewer gold and silver (one and two, respectively) and more bronze (seven). Bolivian Maria Jose Vargas was a gold medalist in Girls U18 doubles and silver in U18 singles, while Nick Montalbano of the USA won gold in U18 doubles and bronze in U18 singles.

Canada was fourth with 7 medals and three Canadians were double medalists as Frédérique Lambert won gold and bronze in Girls U18, Michelle Morissette silver and bronze in Girls U14 and Coby Iwaasa duplicated his results from last year taking home two bronze medals in Boys U14.

Guatemala took another step forward by winning three medals - up from two last year - and they were led by Maria Renee Rodriguez of Guatemala - a double bronze medalist in Girls U16. The Dominican Republic took silver in Boys U16 doubles, with Irish and Venezuelan players coming home with a bronze medal each.

Medal Summary by Country
Mexico 8 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze
Bolivia 2, 5, 1
USA 1, 2, 7
Canada 1, 1, 5
Guatemala 0, 0, 3
Costa Rica 0, 1, 1
Dominican Republic 0, 1, 0
Ireland 0, 0, 1
Venezuela 0, 0, 1

2011 IRF Junior World Racquetball Championships
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Boy's 14 and Under

1st Rodrigo Montoya (Mexico)
2nd Marcelo Vargas (Bolivia)
3rd Coby Iwaasa (Canada) and Hansel Martinez (Guatemala)

1st Rodrigo Montoya & Erik Garcia (Mexico)
2nd Marcelo Vargas & Cristhian Mina (Bolivia)
3rd Coby Iwaasa & Matthew Swaine (Canada) and Jake Birnel & Jacob Matthews (USA)

Boy's 16 and Under

1st Rodrigo Garay (Mexico)
2nd Andres Acuna (Costa Rica)
3rd Adam Manilla (USA) and Ramon Yanez (Mexico)

1st Rodrigo Garay & Eduardo Garay (Mexico)
2nd Junior Rodriguez & Francisco De Leon (Dominican Republic)
3rd Stevie Quinn & Cono Skehan (Ireland) and Adam Manilla & Nick Riffel (USA)

Boy's 18 and Under

1st Carlos Keller (Bolivia)
2nd Daniel De La Rosa (Mexico)
3rd Jaime Martell (Mexico) and Nick Montalbano (USA)

1st Josh Hungerford & Nick Montalbano (USA)
2nd Carlos Keller Vargas & Jorge Luis Michel (Bolivia)
3rd Kurtis Cullen & Samuel Murray (Canada) and Daniel De La Rosa & Missael Leija (Mexico)

Girl's 14 and Under

1st Diana Aguilar (Mexico)
2nd Natalia Mendez (Bolivia)
3rd Nathaly Mina (Bolivia) & Michelle Morissette (Canada)

1st Monserrat Perez & Diana Aguilar (Mexico)
2nd Danielle Drury & Michelle Morissette (Canada)
3rd Krystle Boyle & Lexi York (USA) and Melania Sauma & Sofia Soley (Costa Rica)

Girl's 16 and Under

1st Alexandra Herrera (Mexico)
2nd Kelani Bailey (USA)
3rd Maria Renee Rodriguez (Guatemala) and Mariana Tobon (Venezuela)

Doubles (round robin)
1st Alexandra Herrera & Ximena Gonzalez (Mexico)
2nd Kelani Bailey & Mercedes Arias (USA)
3rd Ana Gabriela Martinez & Maria Renee Rodriguez (Guatemala)

Girl's 18 and Under

1st Frédérique Lambert (Canada)
2nd Maria Jose Vargas (Bolivia)
3rd Devon Pimentelli (USA) and Sofia Rascon (Mexico)

1st Maria Jose Vargas & Adriana Riveros (Bolivia)
2nd Sofia Rascon & Elena Robles (Mexico)
3rd Frédérique Lambert & Valerie Fallu (Canada) and Amanda Lindsey & Jessica Munoz (USA)

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