Thursday, February 23, 2012

IRT - 2012 San Diego Open Preliminary Draws

The International Racquetball Tour (IRT) swings back into action this weekend with the 2012 San Diego Open. But IRT #1 Kane Waselenchuk is again absent from the event due to the back injury that he picked up at the California Open and prevented him from finishing the New York City Pro-Am. This will be the second consecutive IRT event that Waselenchuk has missed, as he also missed the Salt Lake City event earlier this month.

Although Waselenchuk isn't there, his withdrawal came after the draw was made public, and by IRT rule he must remain in the draw. Thus, some lucky qualifier is going to get a walkover win against him in the Round of 16.

The highest seeds in the top of the draw are Jose Rojas (#4) and Chris Crowther (#5), but they'll likely meet in the quarter finals, with the winner going to the semi-finals against - at best - the 8th seed.

Charlie Pratt is the 8th seed, and he'll have a good chance to make his first semi-final, as he'll only have face qualifiers to get to the semis. Those toughest of those will likely be 9th seed Tony Carson, who could also be set up for the semis if he can beat Pratt.

All the big matches prior to the final will be on the bottom of the draw, as the Salt Lake City finalists - Ben Croft and Rocky Carson - and semi finalist - Shane Vanderson - as well as Alvaro Beltran, will all be slugging it out to get to the final.

The most interesting potential qualifying matches will be the all Mexico battle of Javier Moreno and Polo Gutierrez, and the Alex Landa and Taylor Knoth match, which will grant the winner a pass to the quarter finals. Both Landa and Knoth do have to beat someone to set that up, and for Landa that might be former IRT #1 Sudsy Monchik.

What a difference a week can make

Last week, we wrote about how Jeremy Lin reminded us of Waselenchuk, but now that an injury is keeping Waselenchuk out of yet another tournament, we're not thinking of Lin but rather Peyton Manning, the NFL quarter back who sat out all of last season due to a neck injury.

One injury can end an athletic career, and while we trust that is not the case with Waselenchuk, his injury does remind us that the difference between greatness and mediocrity can be very small.

The IRT Network will be web-casting the San Diego Open matches beginning Thursday February 23 at 8 PM PST.

2012 San Diego Open - San Diego, California
Round 1

Rafael Filippini v. Sudsy Monchik
Jeremy McGlothin v. Daniel Bautista

Fabian Mendieta v. Richard Eisemann
Tim Landeryou v. Jacob Varela

Brian Pineda v. Joe Paraiso
Hank Minardo v. Guillermo Leyva

James Landeryou v. Jorge Travino
Armondo Bermudez v. Colin Mohr

Round 2

Alex Landa v. Rafael Filippini or Sudsy Monchik
Taylor Knoth v. Jeremy McGlothin v. Daniel Bautista

Felipe Munoz v. Andres Herrera

Polo Gutierrez v. John Scott

Juan Herrera v. Fabian Mendieta or Richard Eisemann
Ruben Gonzalez v. Tim Landeryou or Jacob Varela

Felipe Camacho v. Brian Pineda or Joe Paraiso
Daniel De La Rosa v. Hank Minardo or Guillermo Leyva

Hiroshi Shimizu v. Ryan Meyer

Lee Connell v. Jose Diaz

Brad Schopieray v. James Landeryou or Jorge Travino
Arthur Schmeiser v. Armondo Bermudez or Colin Mohr

Round 3

Q8: Alex Landa / Rafael Filippini / Sudsy Monchik v. Taylor Knoth / Jeremy McGlothin / Daniel Bautista
Q1: Tony Carson v. Felipe Munoz or Andres Herrera

Q4: Javier Moreno v. Polo Gutierrez or John Scott
Q5: Juan Herrera / Fabian Mendieta / Richard Eisemann v. Ruben Gonzalez / Tim Landeryou / Jacob Varela

Q6: Felipe Camacho / Brian Pineda / Joe Paraiso v. Daniel De La Rosa / Hank Minardo / Guillermo Leyva
Q3: Alvaro Beltran v. Hiroshi Shimizu or Ryan Meyer

Q2: Anthony Herrera v. Lee Connell or Jose Diaz
Q7: Brad Schopieray / James Landeryou / Jorge Travino v. Arthur Schmeiser / Armondo Bermudez / Colin Mohr

Main Draw - Round of 16

Kane Waselenchuk v. Q8
Charlie Pratt v. Q1

Chris Crowther v. Q4
Jose Rojas v. Q5

Ben Croft v. Q6
Andy Hawthorne v. Q3

Shane Vanderson v. Q2
Rocky Carson v. Q7

Follow the bouncing ball....

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