Wednesday, January 9, 2013

IRT Rankings - January 8, 2013

No changes in the latest top 10 International Racquetball Tour (IRT) rankings, although some of the differences in points between players have decreased. For example, there's now fewer than 300 points between IRT #1 Kane Waselenchuk and #2 Rocky Carson.

With Waselenchuk missing this weekend's New York City Pro-Am due to re-injuring his knee, could Carson overtake him by winning the event? Probably not, because rankings are based on 12 months of play, and Carson won the New York City event last year, when Waselenchuk had to default in the final due to a back injury. Thus, Carson actually has maximum points to defend and if he doesn't win in New York this year he could drop ranking points.

There are a few players in the top 10 with less than 100 points separating them, including #4 Jose Rojas and #5 Chris Crowther (57 points), #6 Shane Vanderson and #7 Ben Croft (93 points), Croft and #8 Tony Carson (97 points), and #9 Andy Hawthorne and #10 Javier Morneo (18 points).

A better performance in New York for the lower ranked player than the higher ranked player could mean their order is reversed come next week.

There's been some movement of players in the 11-20 spots, and differences there are also close. All that could make for some interesting qualifying matches on Thursday.

Anthony Herrera in 12th is only three points behind Charlie Pratt, who is out trying to recuperate from a case of tendonitis in his ankle.

Alejandro (Alex) Landa has moved up to 14th based on his semi-final finish in California last weekend putting him only six points behind Brad Schopieray in 13th and only a little ahead of Daniel De La Rosa in 15th.

The IRT's New York City Pro-Am begins tomorrow - January 10, and runs through the weekend at the Synergy Fitness Club in Syosset, New York.

IRT Rankings - 8 January 2013

Rank - Player - Country - Points

1 Kane WASELENCHUK (Canada) 3860
2 Rocky CARSON (USA) 3563
3 Alvaro BELTRAN (Mexico) 3138
4 Jose ROJAS (USA) 2261
5 Chris CROWTHER (USA) 2204
7 Shane VANDERSON (USA) 2000
6 Ben CROFT (USA) 1907
8 Tony CARSON (USA) 1810
9 Andy HAWTHORNE (USA) 1337
10 Javier MORENO (Mexico) 1319

11 Charlie PRATT (USA) 1022
12 Anthony HERRERA (USA) 1019
14 Brad SCHOPIERAY (USA) 830
17 Alejandro LANDA (Mexico) 825
15 Daniel DE LA ROSA (Mexico) 753
13 Juan HERRERA (Colombia) 750
16 Ruben GONZALEZ (USA) 711
18 Polo GUTIERREZ (Mexico) 711
20 Alex ACKERMANN (USA) 710
19 Jose DIAZ (USA) 604

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