Friday, February 22, 2013

LPRT Winter Classic - Preview Update REVISED

Once again the draw was changed for the Ladies Pro Racquetball Tour (LPRT) at the 8th Annual Winter Classic in Overland Park, Kansas, as a storm prevented several players from making to Kansas. This reduced the draw from 19 players to 14.

LPRT #1 Paola Longoria indicated she wasn't going to make it, but that changed late on Friday, and she was put back in the draw. Thus, the winner of 13 consecutive tournaments will be looking to make it 14 this weekend.

In her way are LPRT #2 Rhoda Rajsich and former #1 Cheryl Gudinas, who's the third seed.

Matches are going to begin on Saturday with the semi-finals and final on Sunday.

Matches should still be streamed live over the internet via the LPRT Network, but we're not sure when that will begin on Saturday.

8th Winter Classic
Overland Park, Kansas

Round of 16

1 Paola Longoria v. BYE
8 Jennifer Saunders v. 9 Cristina Amaya - 11 AM Saturday

5 Krystal Csuk v. 11 T. J. Baumbaugh - Noon Saturday
4 Susana Acosta v. v. 12 Jennifer Fenton - Noon Saturday

3 Cheryl Gudinas v. 13 Lucy Delsarto - 11 AM Saturday
6 Adrienne Fisher v. 11 Da'monique Davis - 10 AM Saturday

7 Kerri Wachtel v. v. 9 Grace Hughes - 10 AM Saturday
2 Rhonda Rajsich v. BYE

Follow the bouncing ball….

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