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IRT Rankings - November 22, 2013

Two changes in the top 10 in the latest International Racquetball Tour (IRT) rankings, but they are on the low end, as Daniel De La Rosa moves up one spot to 7th ahead of Tony Carson, who's 8th, and Jansen Allen moves ahead of Marco Rojas into 9th with Rojas 10th.

At the top, Rocky Carson remains the #1 IRT player, although that seems strange to write, but he did solidify that ranking by winning in Garden City, Kansas earlier this month. Kane Waselenchuk is #2 after missing the last two Tier 1 IRT events due to personal commitments and injury. Hopefully, Waselenchuk will be back for the New Jersey Open.

Rounding out the top five are Alvaro Beltran in 3rd, Jose Rojas in 4th, and Ben Croft in 5th. Chris Crowther is 6th.

There are also few changes in the next 10, although Brad Schopieray has pulled level with Mexican veteran Javier Moreno in 15th and Mauricio Zelada has entered the top 20 for the first time in his career. He's 19th.

The New Jersey Open - the IRT's fifth event of the 2013-14 season - begins in two weeks on Thursday December 12 and runs to Sunday December 15 in Warren, New Jersey.

IRT Rankings - November 22, 2013

Rank - Player - Country - Points

1 Rocky CARSON (USA) 3632
2 Kane WASELENCHUK (Canada) 3444
3 Alvaro BELTRAN (Mexico) 2524
4 Jose ROJAS (USA) 2340
5 Ben CROFT (USA) 2236

6 Chris CROWTHER (USA) 1690
7 Daniel DE LA ROSA (Mexico) 1666
8 Tony CARSON (USA) 1480
9 Jansen ALLEN (USA) 1129
10 Marco ROJAS (USA) 1102

11 Jose DIAZ (USA) 914
12 Andy HAWTHORNE (USA) 868
13 Alejandro LANDA (Mexico) 800
14 Alex ACKERMANN (USA) 760
15 Javier MORENO (Mexico) 749

15 Brad SCHOPIERAY (USA) 749
17 Cliff Swain (USA) 662
18 Anthony HERRERA (USA) 644
19 Mauricio ZELADA (USA) 592
20 Shane VANDERSON (USA) 544

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