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17th IRF World Championships - Singles Rounds of 64 & 32

The elimination rounds of singles play began Tuesday at the 17th International Racquetball Federation (IRF) World Championships in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and there were a few surprising and likely disappointing results.

Sadly for Fernando Rios of Ecuador his luck ran out, as he couldn't follow up Monday's victory over American Jose Rojas with a win against Mexican Polo Gutierrez, as Gutierrez won 15-5, 15-5. Gutierrez will play Costa Rican Andres Aviles Solera, who needed a tie-breaker to defeat Venezuelan Roberto Santander, 14-15, 15-10, 11-0.

Rojas also won Monday, beating Ramon De Leon of the Dominican Republic, 15-7, 15-2. He'll play Edwin Galicia of Guatemala, who won twice on Tuesdy, including an upset of Canadian Samuel Murray, 15-12, 15-12. Galicia has very nice hands, and you can understand how he was a bronze medalist in Men's Doubles two years ago.

Rojas will not have to play former World Champion Alvaro Beltran of Mexico, as he lost his Round of 32 match to Jose Daniel Ugalde of Ecuador, as he didn't show up in time for the match. Thus, Ugalde moves on to the Round of 16, where he'll play Alejandro Herrera of Colombia, who beat Ezequiel Paez of Venezuela, 15-1, 15-10.

The top seeds Rocky Carson of the USA and Tim Landeryou of Canada both won comfortably by the same scorelines on Tuesday. Carson defeated Michael Barrett of Puerto Rico, 15-3, 15-1, and Landeryou did likewise against Peter Rakowski of Poland.

The top two women's seeds - American Rhonda Rajsich and Mexican Paola Longoria - also won comfortably Tuesday, although Rajsich will now have to face team-mate Aubrey Kirch in the Round of 16 Wednesday. On Tuesday, Rajsich defeated Disney Linares Barreras of Cuba, 15-7, 15-3, while Kirch had a competitive battle with Mariana Tobon of Venezuela, 15-11, 15-9.

The two Argentine women will not face each other, as Maria Jose Vargas defeated Maria Cespedes of the Dominican Republic, 15-4, 15-5, but Veronique Guillemette was upset by young Guatemalan Ana Gabriela Martinez, 15-9, 10-15, 11-6.

The singles elimination round continues Wednesday with the men's and women's Rounds of 16.

There will be live streaming of the semi-finals and finals on Friday and Saturday via the IRF Network.

17th IRF World Championships
June 14-21, 2014
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Men's Singles

Round of 64

Rocky Carson (USA) - BYE
Michael Barrett (Puerto Rico) d. Pedro Manolo Sandoval (Guatemala), forfeit

Victor Montserrat (Catalunya) - BYE
Daeyong Kwon (South Korea) - BYE

Sebastian Franco (Colombia) - BYE
Francisco Troncoso (Chile) - BYE

Pablo Kurzbard (Argentina) v. Timothy Baghurst (England)
Takaaki Hirose (Japan) - BYE

Alvaro Beltran (Mexico) - BYE
Jose Daniel Ugalde (Ecuador) d. Fernando Rivera (Puerto Rico), 15-2, 15-2

Alejandro Herrera (Colombia) - BYE
Ezequiel Paez (Venezuela) - BYE

Ramon De Leon (Dominican Republic) - BYE
Jose Rojas (USA) - BYE

Edwin Galicia (Guatamala) d. Rodrigo Salgado (Chile), 15-4, 15-3
Samuel Murray (Canada) - BYE

Fernando Rios (Ecuador) - BYE
Polo Gutierrez (Mexico) d. Patrick Hanley (Ireland), 15-4, 15-9

Roberto Santander (Venezuela) - BYE
Andres Aviles Solera (Costa Rica) - BYE

Conrado Moscoso (Bolivia) - BYE
Fernando Kurzbard (Argentina) - BYE

Alok Mehta (India) d. Anthony DeFusto (Ukraine), forfeit
Michimune Kono (Japan) - BYE

Felipe Camacho (Costa Rica) - BYE
Mingyu Kim (South Korea) d. Mark Murphy (Ireland), 15-12, 15-9

Dani Pascual (Catalunya) - BYE
Carlos Keller (Bolivia) - BYE

Junior Rodriguez (Dominican Republic) - BYE
Noslen Jimenez (Cuba) - BYE

Peter Rakowski (Poland) d. Rajiv Varadarajan (India), 5-15, 15-6, 11-4
Tim Landeryou (Canada) - BYE

Round of 32

Rocky Carson (USA) d. Michael Barrett (Puerto Rico), 15-3, 15-1
Daeyong Kwon (South Korea) d. Victor Montserrat (Catalunya), 15-11, 15-3

Sebastian Franco (Colombia) d. Francisco Troncoso (Chile), 15-4, 15-1
Takaaki Hirose (Japan) d. Pablo Kurzbard (Argentina), 15-5, 15-9

Jose Daniel Ugalde (Ecuador) d. Alvaro Beltran (Mexico), forfeit
Alejandro Herrera (Colombia) d. Ezequiel Paez (Venezuela), 15-1, 15-10

Jose Rojas (USA) d. Ramon De Leon (Dominican Republic), 15-7, 15-2
Edwin Galicia (Guatamala) d. Samuel Murray (Canada), 15-12, 15-12

Polo Gutierrez (Mexico) d. Fernando Rios (Ecuador), 15-5, 15-5
Andres Aviles Solera (Costa Rica) d. Roberto Santander (Venezuela), 14-15, 15-10, 11-0

Conrado Moscoso (Bolivia) d. Fernando Kurzbard (Argentina), 15-6, 15-14
Michimune Kono (Japan) d. Alok Mehta (India), 15-6, 15-6

Mingyu Kim (South Korea) d. Felipe Camacho (Costa Rica), 15-10, 14-15, 11-7
Carlos Keller (Bolivia) d. Dani Pascual (Catalunya), 15-3, 15-10

Noslen Jimenez (Cuba) d. Junior Rodriguez (Dominican Republic), 15-11, 15-7
Tim Landeryou (Canada) d. Peter Rakowski (Poland), 15-3, 15-1

Round of 16

Rocky Carson (USA) v. Daeyong Kwon (South Korea)
Takaaki Hirose (Japan) v. Sebastian Franco (Colombia)

Alejandro Herrera (Colombia) v. Jose Daniel Ugalde (Ecuador)
Jose Rojas (USA) v. Edwin Galicia (Guatamala)

Polo Gutierrez (Mexico) v. Andres Aviles Solera (Costa Rica)
Michimune Kono (Japan) v. Conrado Moscoso (Bolivia)

Carlos Keller (Bolivia) v. Mingyu Kim (South Korea)
Tim Landeryou (Canada) v. Noslen Jimenez (Cuba)

Women's Singles

Round of 64

Rhonda Rajsich (USA) - BYE
Disney Linares Barreras (Cuba) d. Anna Ventura (Catalunya), 15-11, 15-5

Mariana Tobon (Venezuela) - BYE
Aubrey Kirch (USA) - BYE

Carla Muñoz (Chile) - BYE
Harumi Kajino (Japan) - BYE

Bat Consegal (Catalunya) - BYE
Cristina Amaya (Colombia) - BYE

Veronica Sotomayor (Ecuador) - BYE
Claudia Andreade (Columbia) - BYE

Aisling Hickey (Ireland) - BYE
Michèle Morissette (Canada) - BYE

Natalia Mendez (Bolivia) - BYE
Sofia Soley Saborio (Costa Rica) - BYE

Samantha Salas (Mexico) - BYE
Maiko Sato (Japan) - BYE

Maria Paz Muñoz (Ecuador) - BYE
Maria Paz Riquelme (Chile) - BYE

Mariana Paredes (Venezuela) - BYE
Christine Richardson (Canada) - BYE

Maria Jose Vargas (Argentina) - BYE
Maria Cespedes (Dominican Republic) - BYE

Ana Gabriela Martinez (Guatemala) - BYE
Veronique Guillemette (Argentina) - BYE

Maria Rene Rodriguez (Guatemala) - BYE
Jung Eun Ane (Korea) - BYE

Donna Ryder (Ireland) - BYE
Jin Young Seok (South Korea) - BYE

Jenny Daza (Bolivia) - BYE
Melania Sauma Masis (Costa Rica) - BYE

Merynaanyelly Delgado Araujo (Dominican Republic) - BYE
Paola Longoria (Mexico) - BYE

Round of 32

Rhonda Rajsich (USA) d. Disney Linares Barreras (Cuba), 15-7, 15-3
Aubrey Kirch (USA) d. Mariana Tobon (Venezuela), 15-11, 15-9

Carla Muñoz (Chile) d. Harumi Kajino (Japan), 15-10, 15-4
Cristina Amaya (Colombia) d. Bat Consegal (Catalunya), 15-3, 15-8

Veronica Sotomayor (Ecuador) d. Claudia Andreade (Columbia), 15-1, 15-1
Michèle Morissette (Canada) d. Aisling Hickey (Ireland), 15-14, 15-13

Sofia Soley Saborio (Costa Rica) d. Natalia Mendez (Bolivia), 15-13, 15-13
Samantha Salas (Mexico) d. Maiko Sato (Japan), 15-5, 15-2

Maria Paz Muñoz (Ecuador) d. Maria Paz Riquelme (Chile), 15-4, 15-3
Christine Richardson (Canada) d. Mariana Paredes (Venezuela), 15-6, 15-3

Maria Jose Vargas (Argentina) d. Maria Cespedes (Dominican Republic), 15-4, 15-5
Ana Gabriela Martinez (Guatemala) d. Veronique Guillemette (Argentina), 15-9, 10-15, 11-6

Maria Rene Rodriguez (Guatemala) v. Jung Eun Ane (Korea)
Jin Young Seok (South Korea) v. Donna Ryder (Ireland), 15-2, 15-2

Jenny Daza (Bolivia) d. Melania Sauma Masis (Costa Rica), 15-4, 15-4
Paola Longoria (Mexico) d. Merynaanyelly Delgado Araujo (Dominican Republic), 15-0, 15-2

Round of 16

Rhonda Rajsich (USA) v. Aubrey Kirch (USA)
Cristina Amaya (Colombia) v. Carla Muñoz (Chile)

Veronica Sotomayor (Ecuador) v. Michèle Morissette (Canada)
Samantha Salas (Mexico) v. Sofia Soley Saborio (Costa Rica)

Maria Paz Muñoz (Ecuador) v. Christine Richardson (Canada)
Maria Jose Vargas (Argentina) v. Ana Gabriela Martinez (Guatemala)

Jin Young Seok (South Korea) v. Maria Rene Rodriguez (Guatemala) or Jung Eun Ane (South Korea)
Paola Longoria (Mexico) v. Jenny Daza (Bolivia)

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