Thursday, April 30, 2015

WRT 2015 Midwest Championships - Preview

The World Racquetball Tour (WRT) is back in action this weekend with the Midwest Championships in Minneapolis. Polo Gutierrez is the top seed, with Alejandro Cardona and Jake Bredenbeck the 2nd and 3rd seeds, respectively. Bredenbeck is a Minnesota native, so he's playing at home, which means he'll want to do well this weekend.

Also in the draw is veteran Cliff Swain, who will likely face 5th seed Anthony Herrera in the Round of 16. That will be a tricky match for Herrera.

As per usual, the draw has a very international flavour with several players who have been on their respective national teams, including Jose Daniel Ugalde, Francisco Troncoso, David Horn, Jose Daniel Alvarez, Fernando Rios, Mario Mercado, as well as Gutierrez and Bredenbeck.

The action will be live streamed beginning with the quarterfinals on Saturday at 10 AM. Look for a link on the WRT Facebook page.

WRT 2015 Midwest Championships
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Round of 32

1) Polo Gutierrez - BYE
16) Shawn Merrill v. 17) Brian Pearson

9) Jose Daniel Ugalde - BYE
8) Francisco Troncoso - BYE

5) Anthony Herrera - BYE
12) Cliff Swain v. 21) Roberto Leyes

13) John Goth v. 20) Travis Mettenbrink
4) David Horn - BYE

3) Jake Bredenbeck - BYE
14) Brent Walters v. 19) Alejandro Romo

11) Jose Daniel Alvarez - BYE
6) Jaime Martell - BYE

7) Fernando Rios - BYE
10) Mario Mercado - BYE

15) Lee Meinerz v. 18) Darrin Prince
2) Alejandro Cardona - BYE

Doubles - Quarterfinals

1) Anthony Herrera & David Horn v. 8) Brian Pearson & Salamone
4) Mario Mercado & Francisco Troncoso v. 5) John Goth & Alejandro Romo

3) Jose Daniel Alvarez & Fernando Rios v. 6) Lee Meinerz & Shawn Merrill
2) Jaime Martell & Jose Daniel Ugalde v. 7) Travis Mettenbrink & Brent Walters

Follow the bouncing ball….

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