Thursday, April 28, 2016

2016 IRT Florida Preview

Florida has been one of the more reliable locations for the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) going back more than a decade, and this season the tradition continues, as the IRT stops in Sarasota, Florida this weekend for the Florida IRT Tournament.

Last time out, IRT #1 Kane Waselenchuk was a late withdrawal from the Raising Some Racquet for Kids tournament in Huber Heights, Ohio, as he had emergency hernia surgery. Waselenchuk’s in the draw this weekend, a mere four weeks after that surgery. Our understanding is that typical recovery from such surgery is 6-8 weeks, but Waselenchuk is undoubtedly in better shape than the typical patient, yet he also has a more demanding job than the typical patient. So, we’re really not sure whether Waselenchuk will be ready to play this weekend, despite him being in the draw.

Waselenchuk heads up one of the largest draws of the season, and one of highest quality draws also, as the top 17 IRT players will be playing in Sarasota. There are also a few significant players outside of the top 17, including former #1 Cliff Swain, young Mexican Andree Parrilla, and current Men’s Doubles World Champion Alejandro Herrera.

Swain faces Wesley Miller first, with the winner playing Charlie Pratt for a spot in the Round of 16 against Daniel De La Rosa. Parrilla is against IRT #15 Scott McClellan with the winner facing IRT #2 Rocky Carson in the 16s. Herrera plays Nick Hand, with Matthew Majxner playing the winner and that match will lead to a showdown with Alvaro Beltran in the 16s.

Waselenchuk will face either 16th seed Jake Bredenbeck or 17th seed Troy Warigon in the Round of 16.

The IRT Round of 16 will be streamed live Friday from 10 AM EDT via the IRT Network with the quarterfinals Friday afternoon from 4 PM on. Also, the semi-finals will be 11 AM and Noon Saturday with the final Saturday night at 7:00 PM. All times Eastern.

2016 IRT Florida Tournament, April 28-May 1
Sarasota, Florida

Qualifying Round 1 - Thursday

David Stincer v. Robert Hemphill
Maurice Miller v. Kevin Vazquez
Cliff Swain v. Wesley Miller

Alejandro Herrera v. Nick Hand
Destry Everhart v. Joe Delfino
Matt Fontana v. Jonathan Burns

Qualifying Round 2 - Thursday

Q8) Jake Bredenbeck v. Troy Warigon
Q1) Sebastian Franco v. David Stincer or Robert Hemphill

Q4) Mauricio Zelada v. Maurice Miller or Kevin Vazquez
Q5) Charlie Pratt v. Cliff Swain or Wesley Miller

Q6) Matthew Majxner v. Alejandro Herrera or Nick Hand
Q3) Mario Mercado v. Destry Everhart or Joe Delfino

Q2) Robert Collins v. Matt Fontana or Jonathan Burns
Q7) Scott McClellan v. Andree Parrilla

Round of 16 - Friday

1) Kane Waselenchuk v. Q8
8) Felipe Camacho v. Q1

5) Jose Rojas v. Q4
4) Daniel De La Rosa v. Q5

3) Alvaro Beltran v. Q6
6) Jansen Allen v. Q3

7) Marco Rojas v. Q2
2) Rocky Carson v. Q7

Follow the bouncing ball….

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