Friday, December 2, 2016

2016 WRT Alamo City Open - Preview

The World Racquetball Tour (WRT) is back in action this weekend with their last tournament of 2016: the Alamo City Open in San Antonio, Texas. Alejandro Cardona is the #1 WRT player, but he hasn’t won a WRT event since the WRT Midwest Championships back in May. Since then WRT tournaments have been won by Javier Mar, Andre Parrilla, Rodrigo Montoya and, most recently, Jaime Martell.

Nonetheless, it looks like Cardona will finish the 2016 season at #1, as he’s well ahead of #2 Martell in the rankings (8222 points to 6174). However, Martell is only four points ahead of Parrilla at #3, so this weekend’s tournament will determine who closes out 2016 as #2. Martell and Parrilla are seeded 2nd and 3rd, respectively, in the draw, so they would meet in the semi-finals.

But Parrilla will have a tougher time getting there, as in his part of the draw are both Felipe Camacho, seeded 14th, and 6th seed Alejandro Landa, who could be Parrilla’s opponents in the Round of 16 and quarterfinals, respectively. Advantage Martell.

If Cardona’s going to get to the final, he’ll likely have to defeat the winner of 4th seed David Horn and 5th seed Montoya.

Thus, the WRT looks like it is ending 2016 with a bang.

The Round of 32 will begin Friday morning with the Round of 16 to follow late Friday afternoon and evening. The quarterfinals begin Saturday morning at 10:30 AM with the semi-finals Saturday evening at 6:05 and 7:10 PM. The final is set for Sunday at 12:30 PM. You can watch the action live on Saturday and Sunday via the WRT website.

2016 WRT Alamo City Open
December 2-4 - San Antonio, Texas

Singles - Round of 32

1) Alejandro Cardona - BYE
16) Eddie Sada v. 17) Lorenzo Valdez

9) Luis Avila v. 24) Daniel Neri
8) Francisco Troncoso v. 25) Jose Salas

5) Rodrigo Montoya v. 28) John Casey
12) Arturo Burruel v. 21) Ross Smith Jr

13) Justus Benson v. 20) Alejandro Almada
4) David Horn - BYE

3) Andree Parrilla - BYE
14) Felipe Camacho v. 19) A. J. Fernandez

11) Sebastian Fernandez v. 22) Sam Hojat
6) Alejandro Landa v. 27) Brady Yelverton

7) Gerardo Franco v. 26) Brennan Jennings
10) Miguel Rodriguez Jr v. 23) Miguel Garuea

15) Erik Mendoza v. 18) Cesar Delgado
2) Jaime Martell - BYE

Doubles - Round of 16

1) Alejandro Cardona & Jaime Martell - BYE
8) William Craig & Luis Molina v. 9) A. J. Fernandez & Sam Hojat

5) Felipe Camacho & Alejandro Landa - BYE
4) Sebastian Fernandez & Miguel Rodriguez Jr - BYE

3) Gerardo Franco & Francisco Troncoso - BYE
6) Alejandro Almada & Justus Benson v. 11) George Bustos & Ross Smith Jr

7) Arturo Burrel & Kenny Green Jr v. 10) Mike Cantu & Erik Mendoza
2) Rodrigo Montoya & Andree Parrilla - BYE

Follow the bouncing ball….

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