Wednesday, March 27, 2019

2019 IRT Bolivia American Iris Open - Preview

The International Racquetball Tour (IRT) division of the Bolivia American Iris Open begins Wedneday in Cochabamba, Bolivia. That’s today!, so it’s time for our preview. The Bolivia Open is both an IRT and a Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT) event, so it’s a true Grand Slam, which is great. There are also 357 players in the event as a whole, which must make it one of the biggest racquetball events in the world. Also great.

Rocky Carson is the top seed in the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) draw, as IRT #1 Kane Waselenchuk didn’t make the trip to Bolivia. Also missing are top 10 players Daniel De La Rosa (#4), Samuel Murray (#7), Sebastian Franco (#8) and Jose Diaz (#9). But six of the IRT #11-20 are in Bolivia, so over half of the top 20 are in Cochabamba. This gives an opportunity for others to claim an IRT title.

The Bolivians to watch for are Carlos Keller, the current Pan American Champion in Men’s Singles, and Conrrado Moscoso, who has been on the podium at the International Racquetball Federation (IRF) World Championships in both singles and doubles. They are also playing doubles in Cochabamaba, and the teams of Keller and Kadim Carrasco and Moscoso and Roland Keller will both be teams to reckon with.

The top seeds in doubles are Alvaro Beltran and Alejandro Landa with Rodrigo Montoya and Andree Parrilla 2nd seeds, Jake Bredenbeck and David Horn 3rd seeds, and Eduardo Garay and Mario Mercado 4th seeds. The 5th seeded team is the curious combination of Felipe Camacho and Rocky Carson.

To see the action from Bolivia, go to the IRT Facebook page or the IRT YouTube channel. The preliminary rounds in singles are Wednesday with the Round of 16 on Thursday morning beginning at 10 AM with the quarterfinals Friday afternoon from 1 PM on. The semi-finals will be Saturday at noon and 2 PM with the singles final at 1 PM Sunday. For doubles, the semi-finals will be Friday night at 7 and 8 PM with the final Saturday at 7 PM. The time in Cochabamba is the same as Eastern time in North America.

2019 Open Bolivia American Iris, March 27-31, 2019
Cochabamba, Bolivia

Qualifying Round 1 - Wednesday

Kadim Carrasco v. Sergio Victor Delgadillo Galván
Mauricio Zelada v. Erick Ramiro Echalar Orihuela

Thomas Carter v. Gustavo Medrano Michel
Carlos Keller v. Gerson Miranda Martinez

Edwin Galicia v. Franco Gutierrez
Robert Collins v. Diego Gatica

Eduardo Portillo v. Johan Igor
Hanzel Martinez v. Jairo Perez

Eduardo Garay v. Esteban Reque
Set Cubillos v. Fabian Gutierrez

Gerardo Franco v. Miguel Angel Arteage Guzman
Christian Wer v. Sebastian Oãta

Conrrado Moscoso v. Fernando Ruiz
Felipe Camacho v. Roger Subieta

Diego Garcia v. Francisco Cherroni
Juan Salvatierra v. Hans Mendez

Qualifying Round 2 - Wednesday

Q8) Kadim Carrasco or Sergio Victor Delgadillo Galván v. Mauricio Zelada or Erick Ramiro Echalar Orihuela
Q1) Thomas Carter or Gustavo Medrano Michel v. Carlos Keller or Gerson Miranda Martinez

Q4) Edwin Galicia or Franco Gutierrez v. Robert Collins or Diego Gatica
Q5) Eduardo Portillo or Johan Igor v. Hanzel Martinez or Jairo Perez

Q6) Eduardo Garay or Esteban Reque v. Set Cubillos or Fabian Gutierrez
Q3) Gerardo Franco or Miguel Angel Arteage Guzman v. Christian Wer or Sebastian Oãta

Q2) Conrrado Moscoso or Fernando Ruiz v. Felipe Camacho or Roger Subieta
Q7) Diego Garcia or Francisco Cherroni v. Juan Salvatierra or Hans Mendez

Round of 16 - Thursday

1) Rocky Carson v. Q8 - 11 AM
8) Jake Bredenbeck v. Q1 - 11 AM

5) Mario Mercado v. Q4 - Noon
4) Andree Parrilla v. Q5 - Noon

3) Alvaro Beltran v. Q6 - 1 PM
6) Rodrigo Montoya v. Q3 - 1 PM

7) David Horn v. Q2 - 10 AM
2) Alejandro Landa v. Q7 - 10 AM

IRT Doubles - Round of 16 - Thursday

1) Alvaro Beltran & Alejandro Landa - BYE
Q8) Kadim Carrasco & Carlos Keller v. 9) Robert Collins & Mauricio Zelada - 5 PM

5) Felipe Camacho & Rocky Carson v. 12) Fernando Ruiz & Hans Mendez - 5 PM
4) Eduardo Garay & Mario Mercado v. 13) Rafael Gatica & Johan Igor - 6 PM

3) Jake Bredenbeck & David Horn v. 14) Jose Subieta & Roger Subieta - 6 PM
6) Roland Keller & Conrrado Moscoso v. 11) Hanzel Martinez & Juan Salvatierra - 6 PM

7) Gerardo Franco & Eduardo Portillo v. 10) Edwin Galicia & Christian Wer - 5 PM
2) Rodrigo Montoya & Andree Parrilla - BYE

Follow the bouncing ball….

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