Friday, August 8, 2008

Rumour : Canadian Nationals 2009 in Edmonton

The rumour is that the 2009 Canadian National Racquetball Championships (often referred to simply as Nationals) will be in Edmonton. Edmonton last hosted Nationals in 2006, when there was the largest participation in a decade.

At this year's Nationals in Burlington, Ontario, there was a rumour that Kelowna, British Columbia, would be the site for 2009. However, we heard that getting hotel rooms and other arrangements would be difficult in Kelowna, which may have led to the decision to use another site.

The precursor of the Canadian Nationals began in Edmonton in the early 1970s. Since then Nationals has been held across Canada from Quebec City to Victoria. Unlike the US National Racquetball Championships, which are held in Houston every year, the Canadian Nationals alternates venues.

The Canadian National Championships are held in the third week of May, beginning on Victoria Day. In the last few years, doubles play has occupied the first two days of competition, with singles play beginning on Wednesday and continuing through Saturday.

Finally, there's a rumour that Regina will be the site for the 2009 Canadian Junior National Racquetball Championships.

The Racquetball Canada has not made any final decisions about the sites for the Nationals or Junior Nationals, but should do so in the coming months.

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