Monday, August 18, 2008

WPRO website redesign

The Women's Professional Racquetball Organization website has been redesigned. There isn't a splash page anymore, so you'll go straight to the home page. The design is cleaner with the information on each page usually fitting into the browser window, so there's almost no need for scrolling down to see information.

Some of the links on the top navigation bar are empty ("Media," "Links" and "Coaches Corner"), so there's still some work to do on the site. That's not a big concern.

However, we are concerned that there's nothing in the way of history or past records on the site. There's not even a listing of last season's results. That's a big deal, because how can the casual fan or a media person answer questions like: How many tournaments did Rajsich win last season? Gudinas Holmes? Did anyone else win tournaments last season?

Where else are we to get this information if not from the WPRO web site?

But in general, the new WPRO site design looks good.

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