Wednesday, November 19, 2008

IRT's Latest Rankings

Dave Negrete, Commissioner of the International Racquetball Tour (IRT), told The Racquetball Blog that he's having some trouble updating the IRT web site. But he was able to provide TRB with the latest IRT Top 50 that includes last weekend's Juarez Open as well as the Tier 3 and 4 events that took place the weekend before.

Here they are:

2008-2009 Season - Current IRT Rankings
As of November 17, 2008

RankProPointsPrevious RankSeason To Date RankSeason To Date PointsSeason To Date Best

1CARSON, ROCKY46761120562056
2HUCZEK, JACK44212319201920
3BELTRAN, ALVARO33793416621662
4MANNINO, JASON32784513951395
5CROFT, BEN25546712771277
6VANDERSON, SHANE25135613091309
7WILLIAMS, MITCH23557812321232
8WASELENCHUK, KANE21489220292029
9CROWTHER, CHRIS21001010867867
10THOERNER, JASON19888912131213
11HERRERA, JUAN14211212593593
12HAWTHORNE, ANDY14141111677677
13HERRERA, ALEJANDRO12181413519519
14MORENO, JAVIER11511518352352
15SHIMIZU, HIROSHI10881314461461
16ODEGARD, KRIS9751615454454
17WOODBURY, TRAVIS9301716428428
18HERRERA, ANDRES7141822278278
19CONNELL, LEE5931919326326
20CARSON, TONY5782017413413
21HERRERA, ANTHONY D.5212226224224
22GONZALEZ, RUBEN5102136109109
23MEJIA, GILBERTO4542731147147
24SWAIN, CLIFF4522524243243
25GREEN, MIKE4322634110110
26FILIPPINI, RAFAEL4302325226226
27GUTIERREZ, POLO3262420326326
28SYLVESTER, JASON317281241313
29ROJAS, JOSE2953121295295
30MINOR, KEITH2953223262262
31SIMPSON, BRIAN29233594545
32BURGESS, MICHAEL2423633120120
33LANDERYOU, TIM2332929176176
34LANDA, ALEJANDRO2233027223223
35ORR, MIKE22038429393
36TRISTAN, AGUSTIN2054028181181
39GAGNON, VINCENT1534330153153
40PRATT, CHARLIE14837664040
41OTTO, TYLER1384535109109
42LANDA, ARMANDO13110732131131
43GANIM, DOUG13139439090
44CASE, DAN12048673838
45ROGERS, BRADLEY1194940100100
46CAMACHO, FELIPE11663468383
47ZELADA, MAURICIO11246477979
48STAMBORSKI, MATT10947506868
50MANZURI, SHAI10754487474

Of note, Kane Waselenchuk has moved up to 8th in the rankings despite not playing in Juarez. The IRT rankings work on a 12 month schedule, so players can drop points if they do not earn points to replace what they did 52 weeks ago. Thus, Jason Thoerner dropped from 2164 points in the October 27, 2008 IRT rankings to 1988 points now.

Being 8th means that Waselenchuk will be put into the main draw (16 players) at the next IRT Tier 1 event - assuming no ranking changes before then. Thus, Waselenchuk will not have to play any qualifying round matches to make the main draw, or Round of 16.

However, Waselenchuk fell to 2nd in the season to date ranking, as Rocky Carson's victory in Juarez moved him ahead of Waselenchuk for points this season.

Ben Croft's move up to 5th is also notable, as TRB believes this is his highest ranking ever.

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