Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This week's winner will be....

Kane Waselenchuk has won all the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) events that he has entered this season. Thus, picking him to win this weekend's Juarez Open seems like a no brainer.

We here at The Racquetball Blog could overthink this though, as Mexican Alvaro Beltran, one of our favorites to defeat Waselenchuk, will be playing on home soil. It would be great to see Beltran win his first Tier 1 event in Mexico.

(note: on the Boss Consulting IRT stats site, it lists Beltran as winning a pro stop in McLean, Virginia in 2002. However, Boss informs TRB that "the courts were so wet [at the tournament] that the top pros all got together and voted to split the points evenly for the event so that nobody would get hurt badly while competing for the title" so Beltran has "never won a pro stop that was competitively played.")

But Waselenchuk has to be the heavy favorite for Juarez, and given our unflattering record at selecting tournament winners so far this season, we're not going to go against a heavy favorite.

At least not this time.

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Follow the bouncing ball....

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