Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dennis Rosenberg Pro Am - Qualifying Rounds

For the first time this season, Kane Waselenchuk is ranked first at an International Racquetball Tour (IRT) event. He's top seed at the Dennis Rosenberg Pro-Am tournament, which kicks off later today in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The latest rankings put Waselenchuk, previously third, in the top spot, with Rocky Carson second and Jack Huczek third. Thus, Waselenchuk will have to face only one of them, and that will only happen in the finals.

A move to #1 might not be so great for Waselenchuk in other events, as he would likely have a semi-final match against the IRT's #4 player, Alvaro Beltran, who's game style The Racquetball Blog believes matches up best against Waselenchuk. Proof of that came earlier this season, as Beltran defeated Waselenchuk in the semis of the California Open. That's Waselenchuk's only loss of the season.

However, IRT Commissioner Dave Negrete has informed The Racquetball Blog that Beltran will not be in Allentown due to a stomach illness from his time in Colombia, where he won the Pan American Championships earlier this month. Thus, Waselenchuk needn't worry about facing him this week.

Dennis Rosenberg Pro-Am
Qualifying Rounds

Round 1

Mitch Posner vs. Ben Drumm
Bryan Crosser vs. Michael Arterburn
Jack Pau vs. Travis Aldinger
Marty Hammond vs. David Austin

Round 2

Q1 : Andy Hawthorne vs. either Mitch Posner or Ben Drumm
Q8 : Ruben Gonzalez vs. Lee Connell

Q5 : Travis Woodbury vs. Jason Sylvester
Q4 : Hiroshi Shimizu vs. either Bryan Crosser or Michael Arterburn

Q3 : Alejandro Herrera vs. either Jack Pau or Travis Aldinger
Q6 : Keith Minor vs. Anthony Herrera

Q7 : Cliff Swain vs. Mike Green
Q2 : Juan Herrera vs. Marty Hammond or David Austin

Main Draw Round of 16

Kane Waselenchuk vs. Q8
Chris Crowther vs. Q1

Shane Vanderson vs. Q4
Jason Mannino vs. Q5

Jack Huczek vs. Q6
Ben Croft vs. Q3

Mitch Williams vs. Q2
Rocky Carson vs. Q7

Follow the bouncing ball....

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