Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Round Up

Lambert wins Women's Open

Frédérique Lambert won the women's open division at the Great Balls of Fire tournament down in Miami, as she defeated Susana Acosta, 15-12, 15-8, in the final. In the semi-finals, Lambert beat fellow Canadian Brigitte Richard, 15-4, 15-3, while Acosta beat another Canadian Christine Richardson, 15-4, 15-3.

Playing a century

Javier Moreno's upset of Ben Croft - the International Racquetball Tour's (IRT's) #3 player - was remarkable not simply for the outcome, but it was also the second highest scoring match this IRT season. The total points was 103 with Moreno winning 15-13, 11-9, 10-12, 3-11, 11-8. It was another example of the losing player having more points than the winner, as Croft scored 53 points to Moreno's 50.

Three other centuries have been played this season: Alvaro Beltran and Jack Huczek scored 100 at Kansas City Pro-Am, with Beltran winning, Jansen Allen and Danny Lavely scored 101 at the US Open (Allen won), and the most points scored in a match was 108 by Marco Mijares and Jeremy McGlothin, which also occurred at the US Open, when Mijares won.

2011 Great Balls of Fire Tournament, Miami, Florida
Women's Open


Frédérique Lambert d. Susana Acosta, 15-12, 15-8

Frédérique Lambert d. Brigitte Richard, 15-4, 15-3
Susana Acosta d. Christine Richardson, 15-5, 15-2

Follow the bouncing ball....

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