Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WPRO - Ektelon World Championships PREVIEW

The final tournament of the 2010-2011 Women's Professional Racquetball Organization (WPRO) season goes this weekend in New Orleans. The 2011 LA WPRO Ektelon World Championship is a grand slam event, and the season ending #1 ranking is on the line.

Rhonda Rajsich is the current #1 player, having moved past Paola Longoria by defeating her last month in Stockton, Calif. But the margin is slim, so if Longoria does better than Rajsich this weekend, then she should be able to finish #1 for a third consecutive season.

If Rajsich does better than Longoria, then she'll finish #1 for the fourth time in her career, having done so the three seasons prior to Longoria's two season streak.

The tournament has a preliminary round and then a Round of 16. In the preliminary round is Christie Huczek, a former #1 player herself. If she wins her qualifying match, Huczek will play Adrienne Fisher, the 5th seed. Thus, Huczek's on the top of the draw and if she reaches the semi-finals, which she's done in each of the three tournaments she's played this season, Huczek could face Rajsich.

Missing from the draw is Cheryl Gudinas - WPRO's 4th ranked player. She's likely still suffering the ill effects of a foot injury. Thus, Kerri Wachtel is seeded 4th.

Samantha Salas is the 3rd seed, so there's a potential Mexican stand off in the semi-finals if she and Longoria both make it that far.

Play begins Friday morning with the qualifying rounds, and continues with the Round of 16 later on Friday, the quarter finals and semi-finals on Saturday and the final on Sunday at noon EDT.

2011 LA WPRO Ektelon World Championships
Preliminary Round

Q1: Linda Scales v. Jessica Parrilla
Q2: Laura Brandt v. Danielle Emerson
Q3: Da'monique Davis v. Sharon Jackson

Q4: T.J. Baumbaugh v. Maiko Sato
Q5: Beth Sacco v. Christie Huczek

Round of 16

Rhonda Rajsich v. Q1
Cristina Amaya v. Krystal Csuk

Adrienne Fisher v. Q5
Kerri Wachtel v. Q4

Samantha Salas v. Q3
Keely Franks v. Jennifer Saunders

Susy Acosta v. Angela Grisar
Paola Longoria v. Q2

Follow the bouncing ball....

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