Thursday, May 12, 2011

WPRO - Ektelon World Championships PREVIEW Draw revised

Some changes have been made to the draw for the 2011 LA WPRO Ektelon World Championship this weekend in New Orleans - the final tournament of the 2010-2011 Women's Professional Racquetball Organization (WPRO) season.

Christie Huczek and Keely Franks have changed places from where they were originally, so Huczek will play Jennifer Saunders in the main round with the winner likely to play Samantha Salas in the quarter finals. This puts Huczek on the bottom of the draw rather than the top, as previously reported.

We're not sure why the WPRO is calling the first round a qualifying round rather than merely the Round of 32, which effectively it is. Doing it this way seems more confusing than clarifying.

Regardless, play begins Friday morning with the qualifying rounds, and continues with the Round of 16 later on Friday, the quarter finals and semi-finals on Saturday and the final on Sunday at noon EDT.

2011 LA WPRO Ektelon World Championships
Preliminary Round

Q: Linda Scales v. Jessica Parrilla
Q: Laura Brandt v. Danielle Emerson
Q: Da'monique Davis v. Sharon Jackson

Q: T.J. Baumbaugh v. Beth Sacco
Q: Keely Franks v. Maiko Sato

Round of 16

Rhonda Rajsich v. Q1
Cristina Amaya v. Krystal Csuk

Adrienne Fisher v. Q5
Kerri Wachtel v. Q4

Samantha Salas v. Q3
Christie Huczek v. Jennifer Saunders

Susy Acosta v. Angela Grisar
Paola Longoria v. Q2

Follow the bouncing ball....

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