Thursday, January 12, 2012

IRT - 2012 NYC Pro-Am Preliminary rounds

The International Racquetball Tour (IRT) has switched coasts for its second tournament of 2012, as they are on Long Island, New York for the Cactus Salon NYC Pro/Am. IRT #1 Kane Waselenchuk will try to continue his winning streak coming off a four game victory over IRT #2 Rocky Carson last Sunday in the final of the California Open.

But before that can happen there's three rounds of qualifying to get through on Thursday. The big feature in qualifying is Sudsy Monchik, former IRT #1, who retired in 2006. However, Monchik did play mixed doubles in last year's US Open, so he hasn't been completely inactive.

With no ranking points, Monchik is one of the lowest seeds in the event, which gives him a hard road to Friday's Round of 16. He'll first be up against Agustin Tristan, a good young Mexican player who played collegiately at the University of Alabama. If Monchik wins that, he'll face Vincent Gagnon, the #2 player in Canada and bronze medalist at last year's Pan Am Games. A win over Gagnon, and Monchik will be up against left handed veteran Javier Moreno, who was one of the gold medalists on the Mexican doubles team at the Pan Am Games.

Yes, Monchik has a difficult path to Friday's Round of 16. But welcome back, Sudsy! Good luck to you!

Alvaro Beltran was Moreno's partner on that Pan Am Games gold medal winning team, and Beltran's also in the qualifying draw. If he makes it through qualifying, Beltran will play Charlie Pratt, who defeated Beltran in last year's US Open.

The most interesting potential qualifying match could be Brad Schopieray versus Japanese veteran Hiroshi Shimizu, as it would be pit a good young player in Schopieray against a wily veteran in Shimizu. The winner of that bracket plays #2 seed Rocky Carson on Friday.

The IRT Network will be web-casting NYC Pro-Am matches beginning Thursday January 12 at 8 PM EST.

2012 New York City Pro/Am - Long Island, N.Y.
Round 1

Conrad Cole v. Mike Ziolo
Jeremy McGlothin v. Jorge Trevino

Agustin Tristan v. Sudsy Monchik
Mauricio Zelada v. Jack Goldberg

Francisco Troncoso v. Abe Cardenas

Round 2

Lee Connell v. David LaForest
Ruben Gonzalez v. Mitch Posner

Mike Green v. Conrad Cole or Mike Ziolo
Nick Montalbano v. Jeremy McGlothin or Jorge Trevino

Alejandro Landa v. Sami Harb
Felipe Munoz v. Joe Palazzo

Arthur Schmeiser v. Eric Muller
Polo Gutierrez v. Tom Keogh

Vincent Gagnon v. Agustin Tristan or Sudsy Monchik

John Scott v. Mauricio Zelada or Jack Goldberg
Hiroshi Shimizu v. Francisco Troncoso or Abe Cardenas

Round 3

Q8: Lee Connell or David LaForest v. Ruben Gonzalez v. Mitch Posner
Q1: Tony Carson v. Mike Green or Conrad Cole or Mike Ziolo

Q4: Alvaro Beltran v. Nick Montalbano or Jeremy McGlothin or Jorge Trevino
Q5: Alejandro Landa or Sami Harb v. Felipe Munoz or Joe Palazzo

Q6: Arthur Schmeiser or Eric Muller v. Polo Gutierrez or Tom Keogh
Q3: Javier Moreno v. Vincent Gagnon or Agustin Tristan or Sudsy Monchik

Q2: Anthony Herrera v. John Scott or Mauricio Zelada or Jack Goldberg
Q7: Brad Schopieray v. Hiroshi Shimizu or Francisco Troncoso or Abe Cardenas

Main Draw - Round of 16

Kane Waselenchuk v. Q8
Shane Vanderson v. Q1

Charlie Pratt v. Q4
Jose Rojas v. Q5

Ben Croft v. Q6
Chris Crowther v. Q3

Andy Hawthorne v. Q2
Rocky Carson v. Q7

Follow the bouncing ball....

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