Sunday, January 15, 2012

IRT - Carson wins 2012 NYC Pro-Am, as Waselenchuk withdraws

Rocky Carson said "I don't want to win like that," but win he did as Kane Waselenchuk was forced to retire during the first game of their final at the Cactus Salon NYC Pro/Am in Syosset, N.Y. The loss ends the winning streak of the International Racquetball Tour's (IRT's) #1 player's winning streak. Carson's win over Waselenchuk is his first since 2003 at Pro Nationals in Tempe, Arizona.

As the match began former IRT #1 Sudsy Monchik, doing commentary on the IRT Network webcast, revealed that Waselenchuk had tweaked his back during last weekend's California Open. Though he had played fine on Friday and Saturday, Waselenchuk's back was acting up Sunday morning as he prepared for the final.

Carson won the first five points of the match, and Waselenchuk did not appear to be moving normally. At 5-0 down, Waselenchuk took a time out that turned into 15 min of injury time.

He did come back on the court, and played a few more rallies, winning a couple of points. But at 6-2, Waselenchuk decided to call it a day.

Afterwards Waselenchuk said he "felt [the back injury] in warm up," as he "couldn't hit it with pace." He wanted to play but his body wasn't letting him. Also, Waselenchuk knew "I had to bring my top game" against Carson.

Joking he said "at least I didn't get a donut."

But for Waselenchuk "the main thing is to get healthy. There's a lot of season left," and his goal is to be #1 at the end of it. He also expressed confidence that he'll be ready for Salt Lake City, which is the site of the next IRT Tier 1 event.

Perhaps Waselenchuk would be well advised to pass on the New York City Pro-Am in the future, as this is the fourth time he's defaulted at it. Last year, he came down with flu that forced him to default prior to his semi-final match with Jack Huczek. Waselenchuk also defaulted two Round of 16 matches in the 2004 and 2006 New York City Pro-Am events.

We don't know if Waselenchuk loves New York or not, but if New York's in love with him, it's got a funny way of showing it.

The next IRT event is the MonaVie Salt Lake City Pro/Am February 1-4. Note the final will be Saturday night, so they will be playing the semi-finals and final on the same day. The finalists will need to have strong backs to play four tough matches in two days.

2012 New York City Pro/Am - Long Island, N.Y.


Rocky Carson d. Kane Waselenchuk, 6-2, injury forfeit

Follow the bouncing ball....

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