Friday, August 8, 2014

2014 PASO Sports Festival - Mexico wins 3 of 4 gold

Mexico won three of the four events at the Pan American Sport Organization (PASO) Sports Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico. The exception was in Women's Singles, where Veronica Sotomayor of Ecuador defeated María José Vargas of Argentina in a tie-breaker, 9-15, 15-11, 11-3.

The win is Sotomayor's first internationally, and is somewhat of a surprise given Vargas finished 3rd on the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT) last season (Sotomayor was 9th), and won the Pan American Championships in April.

Definitely surprising, a young Mexican team of Alexandra Herrara and Ximena Gonzalez defeated Americans Rhonda Rajsich and Devon Pimentelli, 15-8, 15-11, in Women's Doubles. Surprising because the Mexicans were playing in their first international tournament at this level, while the Americans were anchored by the veteran Rajsich, who's the LPRT's #2 player.

Gold was guaranteed for Mexico in Men's Singles, as fellow countrymen Alvaro Beltran and Daniel De La Rosa faced off with Beltran carrying the day, 15-3, 15-0 - injury forfeit. No word on what injury De La Rosa suffered or when it was in the match.

Beltran teamed up with long time partner Javier Morneo and won Men's Doubles also, although American Jake Bredenbeck and Jose Diaz put up a good fight against the former World Champions, who won 15-14, 15-7.

2014 PASO Sports Festival
Guadalajara, Mexico

Women's Singles - Final

María José Vargas (Argentina) v. Veronica Sotomayor (Ecuador)

Women's Doubles - Final

Rhonda Rajsich & Devon Pimentelli (USA) d. Alexandra Herrara & Ximena Gonzalez (Mexico), 15-8, 15-11

Men's Singles - Final

Alvaro Beltran (Mexico) d. Daniel De La Rosa (Mexico), 15-3, 15-0 - injury forfeit

Men's Doubles - Final

Alvaro Beltran & Javier Moreno (Mexico) d. Jake Bredenbeck & Jose Diaz (USA), 15-14, 15-7

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