Wednesday, October 2, 2019

LPRT Qualifying at 2019 UnitedHealthcare US Open

The Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT) matches have begun at the 24th UnitedHealthcare US Open Racquetball Championships in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In early action, Bolivian veteran Jenny Daza took out American junior Annie Roberts, 15-8, 15-5, to book her place in the Round of 32 on Thursday, when she'll play 6th seed Natalia Mendez.

The first two LPRT doubles matches in the Round of 32 were hard fought. In one, Kelani Lawrence and Michelle De La Rosa held off Bolivians Angelica Barrios and Jenny Daza, 15-12, 14-15, 11-3. Credit the Bolivians who were down 12-3 in game two, but fought back to force a tie-breaker. But after being close early in the breaker, Lawrence and De La Rosa went from 5-3 to 11-3 without surrendering serve. The winner came as Lawrence hit a cross court shot that caught up in the back left corner and didn't come out.

In the other doubles match, Hollie Scott and Lexi York beat Sheryl Lotts and Carla Muñoz, 15-2, 15-13. After a lopsided first game, they were close all the way in game two. Indeed, Lotts and Muñoz led 11-10 late in the came and looked like they might force a breaker.

But Scott and York went back ahead, and got to match point at 14-11. However, Muñoz got her side the serve back with a backhand winner, and they scored twice to get within one at 14-13. Then Lotts skipped a backhand shot as the ball came through the middle of the court. It looked like Muñoz could have used her forehand to take the shot, but she was blocked by York, which may have been a hinder. However, Lotts decided to attempt a shot, and missed it.

With the serve back, Scott and York won the match on their 2nd match point, as Scott was able to hit a backhand pinch winner from her knees.

In the quarterfinals on Thursday, Lawrence and De La Rosa will play top seeds Paola Longoria and Samantha Salas, while Scott and York will face another young team in Brenda Laime and Masiel Rivera.

Also in doubles, there was a prime example of momentum shifting and shifting like an avalanche, as Gabriela Martinez and Maria Renee Rodriguez dropped the first game to Cristina Amaya and Adriana Riveros then came back to win the next two, giving up only four points in the process. Martinez and Rodriguez won 12-15, 15-4, 11-0, and will play Alexandra Herrera and Montserrat Mejia in the quarterfinals Thursday.

Look to the the LPRT website, or the LPRT YouTube channel for some of the US Open action.

2019 UnitedHealthcare US Open Racquetball Championships
Minneapolis, Minnesota - October 2-6, 2019

LPRT Singles - Preliminary Rounds - Round of 128 - Wednesday

Ayako Hanashi d. Megumi Kozakai, 15-12, 9-15, 11-8

Round of 128 - Wednesday

Q1: Erin Groves d. Ayako Hanashi, 15-4, 15-3
Q8: Linda Tyler d. Maricruz Ortiz, 11-15, 15-10, 11-6

Q5: Montserrat Perez d. Daniela Molina, 15-5, 15-3
Q4: Maiko Sato d. Laura Brandt, 15-3, 15-3

Q3: Jenny Daza d. Annie Roberts, 15-8, 15-5
Q6: Lexi York d. Jennifer Dering, 15-3, 15-3

Q7: Cheryl Gudinas d. Anna Rivera, 15-13, 15-9
Q2: Hollie Scott d. Carolina Gomez, 15-3, 15-2

LPRT Singles - Round of 32 - Thursday

1) Paola Longoria v. Linda Tyler - 12:50 PM
16) Sheryl Lotts v. 17) Adrienne Haynes - 12:50 PM

9) Masiel Rivera v. 24) Jessica Parrilla - 12:50 PM
8) Cristina Amaya v. Erin Groves - 12:50 PM

5) Rhonda Rajsich v. Maiko Sato - 9:20 AM
12) Montserrat Mejia v. 21) Maria Renee Rodriguez - 9:20 AM

13) Ana Laura Flores v. 20) Carla Muñoz - 9:20 AM
4) Alexandra Herrera v. Montserrat Perez - 9:20 AM

3) Maria Jose Vargas v. Lexi York - 10:30 AM
14) Frédérique Lambert v. 19) Angelica Barrios - 10:30 AM

11) Adriana Riveros v. 22) Kelani Lawrence - 10:30 AM
6) Natalia Mendez v. Jenny Daza - 10:30 AM

7) Nancy Enriquez v. Hollie Scott - 11:40 AM
10) Brenda Laime v. 23) Michelle De La Rosa - 11:40 AM

15) Cassi Lee v. 19) Gabriela Martinez - 11:40 AM
2) Samantha Salas v. Cheryl Gudinas - 11:40 AM

LPRT Doubles - Qualifying - Round of 32 - Wednesday

Hollie Scott & Lexi York d. Etsuko Noda & Maiko Sato, 15-3, 15-1

LPRT Doubles - Qualifying - Round of 32 - Wednesday

Q1) Hollie Scott & Lexi York d. Sheryl Lotts & Carla Muñoz, 15-2, 15-13
Q4) Kelani Lawrence & Michelle De La Rosa d. Angelica Barrios & Jenny Daza, 15-12, 14-15, 11-3

Q3) Nancy Enriquez & Jessica Parrilla d. Erin Groves & Montserrat Perez, 15-8, 15-6
Q2) Gabriela Martinez & Maria Renee Rodriguez d. Cristina Amaya & Adriana Riveros, 12-15, 15-4, 11-0

LPRT Doubles - Quarterfinals - Thursday

1) Paola Longoria & Samantha Salas v. Kelani Lawrence & Michelle De La Rosa - 9 PM
4) Brenda Laime & Masiel Rivera v. Hollie Scott & Lexi York - 7:50 PM

3) Alexandra Herrera & Montserrat Mejia v. Gabriela Martinez & Maria Renee Rodriguez - 7:50 PM
2) Natalia Mendez & Maria Jose Vargas v. Nancy Enriquez & Jessica Parrilla - 9 PM

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