Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WOR Finals (kind of)

It's two days since the final of the 2010 Racquetball Warehouse World Outdoor Racquetball Championships (WOR) in Huntington Beach, California and we still can't tell you who won between Rocky Carson and Alvaro Beltran, although we can say that Jackie Paraiso defeated Rhonda Rajsich on the women's side. But please don't ask what the scores were.

This highlights one of the most frustrating things about racquetball tournaments: finding out what happened. The introduction of R2Sports.com on line tournament system was a great advance, but still there are tournaments that fail to update their event in a timely fashion or with complete score information. This is poor. Moreover, such failures reflect badly on the both the specific tournament and on racquetball in general.

We can't stress enough how important communication of events is. Making this communication happen is easier than it has been in the past, which only causes more frustration when it doesn't happen.

What should be done? The tournament director or tour commissioner should designate a person to be in charge of getting the results out. Someone who is detail-oriented should be given this task and the person should be available to get the results out as soon as they occur.

The purpose of The Racquetball Blog is to communicate racquetball information to the interested public, and we know that public exists. They are probably as frustrated as we are by these instances of non-reporting.

If you're not going to care about your event/sport enough to ensure that the results are communicated promptly to the public, how are you ever going convince anyone else to care?

2010 Racquetball Warehouse World Outdoor Racquetball Championships
Huntington Beach, California

Men's Pro/Open

Final -
Rocky Carson vs. Alvaro Beltran

Women's Pro/Open

Final -
Jackie Paraiso d. Rhonda Rajsich

Follow the bouncing ball....


James said...

I'm friends with Rocky on Facebook, and his status from late last night read "Recoving from a great weekend of Rball. Played out of my mind. Won the Singles title, beating Alvaro in the finals. And Rob and I won the doubles title. Feels good to win with such a great friend. Also thanks a ton to RACQUETBALLWAREHOUSE.COM for making that event all happen." Not sure if this will work, but here's the link to that status: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1063823613&v=wall&story_fbid=138261782860324&ref=mf

Also, great point about not having the results distributed to the public. Quite frustrating!

kcs636 said...

I would only say I agree in general about communication. But I'll cut them some slack because it's outdoor and there could be communication issues. But when everyone seems to have wireless devices at their fingertips, I would think someone there (or a tweeter like cprt or usaracquetball) could do it and we'll get the info from another source.