Tuesday, July 6, 2010

WOR's a comin' to Huntington Beach

The 2010 Racquetball Warehouse World Outdoor Racquetball Championships (WOR) begin Wednesday in Huntington Beach, California. With 326 players participating there are again more players participating this year than the year before, as there are over 40 more players than last year and almost 100 more than two years ago.

Last year's finalists are the top two seeds on the men's side, as Rocky Carson will try to defend his title with Alvaro Beltran as his chief competitor. Outdoor racquetball specialists Robert Sostre and Greg Solis are seeded 3rd and 4th, respectively.

Last year's women's winner, Paola Longoria, isn't in Huntington Beach this time, so Jackie Paraiso, runner up to Longoria last year, is the top seed with former champion Rhonda Rajsich seeded 2nd.

Of note on the women's side, Veronica Sotomayer is playing in her first competition since May 2009, as she took last year off of competition. She's up against Michelle Poage in the first round and playing doubles with Jennifer Saunders.

If Sotomayor and Saunders win their first match against Celeste Pafford and Mary Schoumaker they'll face Paraiso and Aimee Ruiz, who are seeded third as they were semi-finalists last year, losing to eventual winners Rajsich and Martha Mcdonald. Poage and Janel Tisinger were runners up last year and are seeded 2nd.

2010 Racquetball Warehouse World Outdoor Racquetball Championships
Huntington Beach, California

Men's Pro/Open Top 8 Seeds

1 Rocky Carson
2 Alvaro Beltran
3 Robert Sostre
4 Greg Solis
5 Charles Pratt
6 Shane Vanderson
7 Mike Orr
8 Josh Tucker

Women's Pro/Open Round of 16

Jacqueline Paraiso vs. Cathryn Mahoney
Devon Pimentelli vs. Aubrey O'brien

Angela Grisar vs. Jennifer Saunders
Veronica Sotomayor vs. Michelle Poage

Keely Franks vs. Michelle Key
Janel Tisinger vs. Linda Scales

Aimee Ruiz vs. Christie Noller
Rhonda Rajsich vs. Courtney Chisholm

Follow the bouncing ball....

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