Thursday, August 19, 2010

2010 IRF World Championships - Team Day 1

The home side is the big news on day 1 of the team competition in Seoul, South Korea at the 15th International Racquetball Federation (IRF) World Championships, as both men's and women's South Korean teams defeated their opposition including the women's upset of the 4th seeded Bolivian women's team.

The South Korean women will next play the Canadian women, who defeated Venezuela to advance to the semi-finals. In the individual competition the South Koreans and Canadians split their matches as Jin Young Seok defeated Josée Grand'Maître and Jennifer Saunders beat Jung Eun Anh - but in a tie-breaker, and the Canadians won the doubles match. So, South Korea has a chance of getting to the final, which would be a major accomplishment.

On the top side of the women's draw, the USA will play Mexico in what will certainly be an interesting match up that could go either way, especially as Nancy Enriquez got the better of Cheryl Gudinas in the individual competition.

On the men's side, South Korea defeated Japan, 2 matches to 1, and will now play the USA in the quarter finals. USA beat Tonga, 2-1. Note, the USA likely conceded the 3rd match against Tonga after winning the first two so as to rest whoever was to play third, often the doubles team.

The team competition works as a best of three. One country's #1 and #2 singles players play another's as well as the doubles teams facing off. If a country wins their first two matches, they will have won the competition, so may concede the third match, as it won't make a difference to the outcome. Similarly, if a country loses its first two matches, then they may concede the third so as to rest their players, especially if the players are playing both singles and doubles.

The team competition continues on Friday with the finals on Saturday.

15th IRF World Championships
Seoul, South Korea

Men's Team Competition
Round of 16

USA d. Tonga, 2-1
South Korea d. Japan, 2-1

Bolivia d. India, 3-0
Venezuela d. Guatamala, 2-1

Mexico d. Dominican Republic, 2-1
Costa Rica d. Ireland, 3-0

Ecuador d. Argentina, 3-0
Canada d. Columbia, 3-0

Quarter finals
USA vs. South Korea
Venezuela vs. Bolivia

Mexico vs. Costa Rica
Canada vs. Ecuador

Women's Team Competition
First round

Ecuador d. Guatamala, 3-0
South Korea d. Tonga, 3-0
Venezuela d. Ireland, 2-1

Quarter finals
USA d. Ecuador, 2-1
Mexico d. Japan, 2-1

South Korea d. Bolivia, 2-1
Canada d. Venezuela, 2-1

Semi finals
USA vs. Mexico
Canada vs. South Korea

Follow the bouncing ball....

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