Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Longoria 9th and 4th all time

Paola Longoria's Texas Open victory was her 11th WPRO title in her career putting her 9th on the all time women's professional racquetball tournament victories list (The Racquetball Blog records though extensive with final results for over 250 tournaments are likely incomplete).

But Longoria is 4th in terms of finals winning percentage - i.e., tournaments won when reaching the finals - with a finals winning percentage of 61% (she's won 11 of the 18 finals she's contested). Only Lynn Adams on 72%, Shannon Wright on 76% and Michelle Gould with an astonishing 98% (41 of 42 finals) have been better in finals than Longoria.

Three other players have won more finals than they've lost. Christie Huczek has won 15 of 26 (58%), Cheryl Gudinas 39 of 75 (52%), and Rhonda Rajsich 20 of 39 (51%). Peggy Steding and Malia Bailey both won 50% of the finals they played in.

Perhaps surprisingly, Heather McKay and Jackie Paraiso are both below .500 in final matches. McKay won 18 of 37 (49%), with most of those contests against Adams, and Paraiso won 18 of 43 or 42% of the finals she's been in.

Of players who've played over 10 finals, Kerri Wachtel has the lowest winning percentage at only 16% (3 of 19) with Caryn McKinney on 29% (6 of 21) and Marci Drexler at 39% (5 of 13). Though at least those players won a final. Robin Levine made 8 finals without winning.

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