Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 World Championship Questions

With the 15th Annual International Racquetball Federation (IRF) World Championships opening ceremonies happening Friday in Seoul, South Korea, let's ask some questions based on the past championships.

Q1: Can Paola Longoria become the first non-USA or Canadian woman to win a World Championship?

Q2: Will the men's champion be a repeat winner - i.e., Rocky Carson or Jack Huczek - or will another man step up and take the crown?

Q3: Who you got in men's doubles? Mexico and the USA have split the last 5 men's doubles titles with Mexico winning 3 and USA 2, but that includes the last one and southpaw Mitch Williams from that team is back to defend the title.

Q4: Can another women's team cause what would be the biggest upset and defeat defending champions Aimee Ruiz and Jackie Paraiso? USA women have one all but one World Championship since its beginning in 1981.

Q5: Will the USA sweep the team competition as they did two years ago in Ireland?

Worlds in South Korea

The action can be viewed via the web by going to the IRF website, and they have a convenient graphic to tell you the time in Korea so you can figure out when the matches are going to happen where you are.

This is the second time that the World Championships have been in South Korea as Worlds were there in 2004. The current facility that has been created for Worlds has 8 portable courts including a stadium court with three glass walls. The planned future use of the courts is in other locations in Asia.

Follow the bouncing ball....

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