Wednesday, October 23, 2013

IRF - 25th World Junior Championships - Girl's Playoffs

The girl's elimination round draws have been released for the 25th International Racquetball Federation (IRF) World Junior Racquetball Championships in Sucre, Bolivia.

There's a smaller field than usual in Girl's U18, as most countries only have one girl entered, so there won't likely be country double medaling unless it's Bolivia, whose two players - Masiel Rivera and Paola Cossio - are the 1st and 3rd seeds.

There could be two medals for Guatemala in Girl's U18, but not an all Guatemala final as 9th seed Maria Renee Rodriguez and 13th seed Andrea Martinez are both on the top side of the draw and would meet in the semi-finals if they win their first two matches.

In Girl's U16, Natalia Mendez of Bolivia is the top seed and defending champion, but word is that Mexican Diana Aguilar, who was the Girl's U14 Champion last year is the player to beat. Aguilar is the 2nd seed.

Ana Gabriela Martinez of Guatemala is the top seed in Girl's U14 and probably the player to beat in a division that is unlikely to yield two medals for any country.

The Round of 16 will be played Wednesday with the quarter finals on Thursday, semi-finals on Friday and finals on Saturday.

There is some live streaming of matches from Sucre via the IRF website.

25th IRF World Junior Racquetball Championships
Sucre, Bolivia

Girl's U18 Singles (with seedings)

1. Masiel Rivera (Bolivia) - BYE
8. Samantha Simmons (USA) v. 9. Maria Renee Rodriguez (Guatemala)

5. Lucia Gonzalez (Mexico) v. 12. Dafne Macrino (Argentina)
4. Alexandra Herrera (Mexico) v. 13. Andrea Martinez (Guatemala)

3. Paola Cossio (Bolivia) - BYE
6. Melania Sauma (Costa Rica) v. 11. Callie Hunter (Canada)

7. Paola Guerra (Venezuela) v. 10. Paulina Sempertegui (Ecuador)
2. Mariana Tobon (Venezuela) - BYE

Girl's U16 Singles (with seedings)

1. Natalia Mendez (Bolivia) - BYE
8. Michele Morissette (Canada) v. 9. Andrea Martinez (Guatemala)

5. Maria Cespedes (Dominican Rep.) v. 12. Hollie Scott (USA)
4. Luisa Santillan Lahud (Mexico) v. 13. Paulina Sempertegui (Ecuador)

3. Hawira Rojas (Bolivia) v. 14. Paola Guerra (Venezuela)
6. Danielle Drury (Canada) v. 11. Kaitlin Simmons (USA)

7. Merinanllely Delgado (Dominican Rep.) v. 10. Melania Sauma (Costa Rica)
2. Diana Aguilar (Mexico) v. 15. Angeles Sarria (Colombia)

Girl's U14 Singles (with seedings)

Ana Gabriela Martinez (Guatemala) - BYE
Alexis Iwaasa (Canada) v. Maria Jose Munoz (Ecuador)

Micaela Molina (Bolivia) v. Annie Fisher (Canada)
Wanda Carvajal (Bolivia) v. Frances Vasquez Souchet (Puerto Rico)

Erin Rivera (Mexico) v. Lilian Zea (Venezuela)
Monserrat (Mexico) v. Valentina Valor (Venezuela)

Jordan Cooperrider (USA) v. Ivana Sempertegui (Ecuador)
Erika Manilla (USA) - BYE

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