Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LPRT Paola Longoria Invitational Preview

The Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT) plays the second of back to back tournaments this weekend with the Paola Longoria Invitational in Monterrey, Mexico. The event wasn't on the schedule at the beginning of the season, but has come together in the last couple of months to showcase Longoria - the LPRT's #1 player - in her home country.

Longoria is undefeated on the LPRT since May of 2011, and she'll look to extend her winning streak this weekend. And she will be playing doubles also with long term partner Susana Acosta; together they are two time World Champions in Women's Doubles.

But past Longoria, the field of 26 players for this weekend is strong, and there should be several good matches. The highlight match should be 11th seed Maria Paz Munoz against 22nd seed Jessica Parrilla, who played on the Mexican National Team at the World Championships last year.

The other matches to watch for in the Round of 32 are Chilean Carla Munoz against American Aubrey Kirch, and two all-American matches - Hailey Miller versus Sharon Jackson and Krystal Csuk versus Linda Scales, which is a battle of two players who will be teaming up in doubles.

Past that the whole bottom of the draw will be interesting as the Paz Muñoz and Parrilla winner will face 6th Maria Jose Vargas in the Round of 16 and 3rd seed Cristina Amaya will take on the winner of Carla Muñoz and Kirch.

Second seed Rhonda Rajsich's first opponent will be either Csuk or Scales, and if she survives that Rajsich could face either veteran Cheryl Gudinas or young Canadian Frédérique Lambert both of whom have had success against Rajsich, including Lambert's win over her the last time the LPRT was in Mexico back in September.

Still the weekend is set up to highlight Longoria, and anything less than a Longoria sweep - wins in singles and doubles - will be a surprise.

Paola Longoria Invitational
Monterrey, Mexico

Singles - Round of 32
(with seeding)

1. Paola Longoria - BYE
16. Sofia Rascon v. 17. Sheryl Lotts

9. Jennifer Saunders v. 24. Cecilia Orozco
8. Da'monique Davis v. 25. Ana Laura Flores

5. Samantha Salas Solis - BYE
12. T. J. Baumbaugh v. 21. Carolina Luque

13. Hailey Miller v. 20. Sharon Jackson
4. Susana Acosta - BYE

3. Cristina Amaya - BYE
14. Carla Munoz v. 19. Aubrey Kirch

11. Maria Paz Munoz v. 22. Jessica Parrilla
6. Maria Jose Vargas - BYE

7. Cheryl Gudinas - BYE
10. Frédérique Lambert v. 23. Alexandra Herrera

15. Linda Scales v. 18. Krystal Csuk
2. Rhonda Rajsich - BYE

Doubles - First Round

8. Aubrey Kirch & Sheryl Lotts v. 9. Carla Munoz & Cecilia Orozco

Quarter finals

1. Paola Longoria & Samantha Salas Solis v. 8. Aubrey Kirch & Sheryl Lotts or 9. Carla Munoz & Cecilia Orozco
4. Susana Acosta & Sofia Rascon v. 5. Frédérique Lambert & Jennifer Saunders

3. Cristina Amaya & Maria Paz Munoz v. 6. Da'monique Davis & Sharon Jackson
2. Rhonda Rajsich & Maria Jose Vargas v. 7. Krystal Csuk & Linda Scales

Follow the bouncing ball….

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