Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekend Round Up - Ugalde, Cardona, Rios & Alvarez winners

Jose Daniel Ugalde was the surprise winner of the New Jersey Open Men's Open division. Surprise winner, because he was the 8th seed, but the whole draw was a bit mixed up as of the top four seeds only 4th seed Sean Klingaman made the semi-finals.

Ugalde defeated 6th seed Joseph Palazzo in the final, 15-8, 15-6. In the semis, Ugalde defeated Klingaman, 15-9, 15-5, and Palazzo beat 7th seed Jonathan Justice, 15-13, 2-15, 11-10.

In the Men's Open Doubles division final, Fernando Rios and Jose Daniel Alvarez beat Klingaman and Jonathan Clay, 14-15, 15-11, 11-9. Rios and Alvarez beat Shai Manzuri and Fabian Pedraza in the semi-finals, 15-9, 15-9, while Clay and Klingaman defeated Thomas Carter and Alec Wasilonsky, 15-7, 15-10.

World Racquetball Tour

On the other coast, Alejandro Cardona defeated Alejandro Landa, 15-8, 9-15, 11-7, to take the World Racquetball Tour (WRT) SoCal Showdown in Eastlake Chula Vista, California. Cardona, seeded 2nd in the event, beat 3rd seed Anthony Herrera, 15-13, 14-15, 11-6, in one semi-final, while 4th seed Landa knocked off the 1st seed Polo Gutierrez in the other semi, 15-9, 15-9.

New Jersey Open
Warren, NJ

Men's Open Singles


Jose Daniel Ugalde d. Joseph Palazzo, 15-8, 15-6


Jose Daniel Ugalde d. Sean Klingaman, 15-9, 15-5
Joseph Palazzo d. Jonathan Justice, 15-13, 2-15, 11-10

Men's Open Doubles


Fernando Rios & Jose Daniel Alvarez d. Sean Klingaman & Jonathan Clay, 14-15, 15-11, 11-9


Fernando Rios & Jose Daniel Alvarez d. Shai Manzuri & Fabian Pedraza, 15-9, 15-9
Jonathan Clay & Sean Klingaman d. Thomas Carter & Alec Wasilonsky, 15-7, 15-10

World Racquetball Tour
SoCal Showdown
Eastlake Chula Vista, California


Alejandro Cardona d. Alejandro Landa, 15-8, 9-15, 11-7


Alejandro Landa d. Polo Gutierrez, 15-9, 15-9
Alejandro Cardona d. Anthony Herrera, 15-13, 14-15, 11-6

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