Friday, June 21, 2013

World Racquetball Tour - 2013 Flagstaff Open

The World Racquetball Tour (WRT) is back in action this weekend with the 2013 Flagstaff Open in Flagstaff, Arizona. There's a large draw in Flagstaff, as 36 players are competing for the title.

Polo Gutierrez, runner up earlier this month at the Chile Open, is the top seed, as Alejandro Landa is not in the draw. Second seed is Alejandro Cardona with Anthony Herrera third and Felipe Camacho fourth.

There will be three rounds of matches on Friday, two on Saturday and the final on Sunday.

Matches can be viewed via the WRT website, although we're not sure of their broadcast schedule.

2013 Flagstaff Open
Flagstaff, Arizona

First Round

29) Daeyong Kwon v. 36) Juan Diaz
30) Jared Imhausen v. 35) Steve Deason
31) Zachary Patterson v. 34) Greg Beistie
32) Miguel Rodriguez Jr. v. 33) Richard Imhausen

Round of 32

1) Polo Gutierrez v. 32) Miguel Rodriguez Jr. or 33) Richard Imhausen
16) Luis Fernandez v. 17) Michael Guriel

9) Alex Almeda v. 24) Victor Sanabria
8) Justin Ivers v. 25) Luis Felipe Munoz

5) Erick Sandoval v. 28) Cameron Cannady
12) Anthony Schonberger v. 21) Josh Doniak

13) Manolo Sandoval v. Rafael Fernandez Jr
4) Felipe Camacho v. 29) Daeyong Kwon or 36) Juan Diaz

3) Anthony Herrera v. 30) Jared Imhausen or 35) Steve Deason
14) José Andres Alvídrez v. 19) Darin Randles

11) Matthew Majxner v. 22) Armando Bermudez
6) Rafeal Filippini v. 27) Janson Bronson

7) Rafael Morales v. 26) Jeremy McGlothin
10) Daniel Neri v. 23) Jason Richard Conway

15) Victor Koliczew v. 18) Rick Wagner
2) Alejandro Cardona v. 31) Zachary Patterson or 34) Greg Beistie

Follow the bouncing ball….

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