Friday, September 5, 2014

WRT 2014 Port City Shootout - Round of 32

The World Racquetball Tour (WRT) is action again this weekend, as the Port City Shootout is happening in Stockton, California. The Rounds of 32 and 16 are happening today, and we've got the results from the 32s below. The 16s will happen this evening with the quarterfinals and semi-finals on Saturday and final on Sunday.

The 32s have all been won in two straight games with no real upsets, although it may look that way from the seedings. However, some players are lower seeded that you'd expect due to lack of WRT results.

Thus, 23rd seed Taylor Knoth beating 10th seed Robert Collins, 15-2, 15-9, looks like a big upset, but Knoth has played few, if any, WRT events, but is a former World Junior Champion.

Similarly, Jose Diaz's win over Rodrigo Salgado Jr., 15-7, 15-5, isn't a surprise, although Diaz was seeded 21st and Salgado 12th. Diaz will face 5th seed Coby Iwaasa in the Round of 16 Friday night.

The Round of 16 will be Friday evening with the quarterfinals and semi-finals on Saturday and the final on Sunday at noon PDT. Play can be viewed via the Gearbox website.

2014 WRT Port City Shootout
Stockton, California

Round of 32

1) David Horn - BYE
16) Mauro Rojas d. 17) Sawyer Lloyd, 15-9, 15-2

9) Sebastian Franco d. 24) Wilden Espinoza, 15-4, 15-9
8) Cristian Longoria - BYE

5) Coby Iwaasa - BYE
21) Jose Diaz d. Rodrigo Salgado Jr., 15-7, 15-5

13) Danny Lavely d. 20) Dima Wert, 15-5, 15-2
4) Gerardo Guevara - BYE

3) Jaime Martell - BYE
14) Kadim Carresco d. 19) Ismael Aldana Jr., forfeit

22) Marco Rojas d. 22) Roland Keller, 15-1, 15-6
6) Alexi David Cocco Hayes - BYE

7) Francisco Troncoso - BYE
23) Taylor Knoth d. 10) Robert Collins, 15-2, 15-9

15) Daeyong Kwon d. 18) Jimmy Oliver, 15-5, 15-3
2) Jake Bredenbeck - BYE

Round of 16

1) David Horn v. 16) Mauro Rojas
8) Cristian Longoria v. 9) Sebastian Franco

5) Coby Iwaasa v. 21) Jose Diaz
4) Gerardo Guevara v. 13) Danny Lavely

3) Jaime Martell v. 14) Kadim Carresco
6) Alexi David Cocco Hayes v. 22) Marco Rojas

7) Francisco Troncoso v. 23) Taylor Knoth
2) Jake Bredenbeck v. 15) Daeyong Kwon

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