Thursday, October 4, 2018

All will play three! - 2018 UnitedHealthcare US Open IRT Doubles

All four of the last four International Racquetball Tour (IRT) doubles qualifying matches at the 2018 UnitedHeathcare US Open Racquetball Championships in Minneapolis went tie-breaker: a testament to the competitiveness this year. The closest match saw Jake Bredenbeck and Jose Diaz defeat Andres Acuña and Felipe Camacho, 15-13, 11-15, 11-8. That after both teams won close tie-breakers last night.

David Horn and Mauro Rojas also won a close tie-breaker, as they saw off Maurice Miller and Troy Warigon, 15-8, 2-15, 11-9. But shout out to Miller and Warigon, who won the last match of last night, upsetting Gerardo Franco and Andree Parrilla.

In the other matches, Roland Keller and Conrrado Moscoso beat Thomas Carter and Kyle Ulliman, 11-15, 15-6, 11-0, and Javier Mar and Rodrigo Montoya defeated Adam Manilla and Nicholas Riffel, 15-5, 14-15, 11-4.

That sets up the quarterfinals for Thursday evening. Top seeds and defending champions Ben Croft and Kane Waselenchuk will take on Horn and Rojas. Second seeds Alvaro Beltran and Daniel De La Rosa go up against Roland Keller and Conrrado Moscoso, in what will be a rematch of the World Championship semi-finals in August that Beltran and De La Rosa won.

Also tonight, Sebastian Franco and Mario Mercado will play Bredenbeck and Diaz with Alejandro Landa and Samuel Murray playing Mar and Montoya.

Look for IRT action live from Minneapolis via their various outlets. Check out the IRT Network, IRT Facebook page and IRT YouTube channel.

2018 UnitedHealthcare US Open
Minneapolis, Minnesota - October 3-7, 2018

IRT - Doubles - Qualifying - Round Three - Thursday

Q1 - Jake Bredenbeck & Jose Diaz d. Andres Acuña & Felipe Camacho, 15-13, 11-15, 11-8
Q4 - David Horn & Mauro Rojas d. Maurice Miller & Troy Warigon, 15-8, 2-15, 11-9

Q3 - Roland Keller & Conrrado Moscoso d. Thomas Carter & Kyle Ulliman, 11-15, 15-6, 11-0
Q2 - Javier Mar & Rodrigo Montoya d. Adam Manilla & Nicholas Riffel, 15-5, 14-15, 11-4

IRT - Doubles - Quarterfinals - Thursday

1) Ben Croft & Kane Waselenchuk v. David Horn & Mauro Rojas - 8:30 PM
4) Sebastian Franco & Mario Mercado v. Jake Bredenbeck & Jose Diaz - 8:30 PM

3) Alejandro Landa & Samuel Murray v. Javier Mar & Rodrigo Montoya - 7:20 PM
2) Alvaro Beltran & Daniel De La Rosa v. Roland Keller & Conrrado Moscoso - 7:20 PM

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