Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Born on the 7th of July

Welcome to The Racquetball Blog!

The Racquetball Blog's aim is to provide independent writing and reporting on all aspects of racquetball: professional and amateur, in North America and abroad.

Currently, the majority of racquetball information and opinion comes from one of the racquetball organizations (USAR, IRF, Racquetball Canada, etc) or from informal sources, such as the site forums. These sources are fine as far as they go, but I think there's room for another source. A source that isn't an organization with a particular constituency or some anonymous person in cyberspace.

Hence, The Racquetball Blog.

What are my qualifications for doing this? I wrote about racquetball for four years in my role as the editor of Canadian Racquetball, Racquetball Canada's magazine. I've also played racquetball in six countries - including all the racquetball clubs in France, which is to say both of them. I was the 5th ranked player in Europe in 2003, and a member of the University of Illinois racquetball team back in the day.

I've also coached racquetball and been to both the IRF Junior World Championships and World Championships, as well as the last five US Opens.

Thus, I've had many and varied racquetball experiences. From those experiences, I think there are many good stories that need to be told. My aim is to bring you those stories here.

Follow the bouncing ball.

Evan Pritchard
The Racquetball Blog

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Thank you Evan for your correction on my Racquetball Strategy Blog post concerning Mike Orr. I made a change and wrote you a comment beneath your comment on my blog...Dirk