Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011 IRF Junior World Championships

The 23rd International Racquetball Federation (IRF) World Junior Racquetball Championships begin Sunday in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The Boys U18 division should be hotly contested this year. The favorite could be Daniel De La Rosa of Mexico, who won the Pan American Championships in April, defeating Chris Crowther in the final. De La Rosa's competition will come from Americans Nick Montalbano and Jose Diaz as well as Bolivian Carlos Vargas Keller.

On the girls side, Canadian Frédérique Lambert may be the player to beat in Girls U18, as she was the U18 silver medalist last year and the gold medalist - American Aubrey O'brien - won't be in Santo Domingo.

As a reminder, we've got the winners from last year's Junior Worlds below.

We understand that the IRF will have a link on its website to the tournament results page. They do have a link for results on their page now, but it's empty as no results have happened. Would be nice to see the team rosters.

Also, it seems the IRF is going to try to do live streaming from Santo Domingo for all 8 courts, which would be great though it does seem ambitious.

2010 IRF Junior World Racquetball Championships
Los Angeles, California

Boy's 14 and Under

1st Javier Mar (Mexico)
2nd Roman Ramos (Mexico)
3rd Coby Iwaasa (Canada) and Sawyer Lloyd (USA)

1st Eduardo Garay & Javier Estrada (Mexico)
2nd Adam Manilla & Sawyer Lloyd (USA)
3rd Sami Harb & Coby Iwaasa (Canada) and Danilo Torrico & Victor Pardo Jr. (Bolivia)

Boy's 16 and Under

1st Marco Rojas (USA)
2nd Jose Diaz (USA)
3rd Daniel De La Rosa (Mexico) and Vladimir Soria (Bolivia)

1st Marco Rojas d. Jose Diaz (USA)
2nd Alejandro Romo & Salvador Ortiz (Mexico)
3rd Oscar Arias & Vladimir Soria (Bolivia) and Samuel Murray & Anthony Schonberger (Canada)

Boy's 18 and Under

1st Taylor Knoth (USA)
2nd Pedro Castro (Canada)
3rd Bradley Kirch (USA) and Jaime Martell (Mexico)

1st Bradley Kirch & Nick Montalbano (USA)
2nd Carlos Keller Vargas & Jorge Luis Michel (Bolivia)
3rd Pedro Castro & Jamie Slamko (Canada) and Fernando Muñoz & Pietro Sudassasi (Costa Rica)

Girl's 14 and Under

1st Natalia Mendez (Bolivia)
2nd Ximena Gonzalez (Mexico)
3rd Kaitlyn Simmons (USA) and Maria Renee Rodriguez (Guatemala)

1st Monserrat Perez & Regina Franco (Mexico)
2nd Abbey Lavely & Kaitlyn Simmons (USA)
3rd Mckenzie Brayley & Michelle Morissette (Canada) and Maria Rocio Martinez & Maria Renee Rodriguez (Guatemala)

Girl's 16 and Under

1st Maria Jose Vargas (Bolivia)
2nd Kelani Bailey (USA)
3rd Masiel Rivera (Bolivia) and Devon Pimentelli (USA)

1st Masiel Rivera & Maria Jose Vargas (Bolivia)
2nd Courtney Chisholm & Devon Pimentelli (USA)
3rd Aisling Hickey & Katie Kenny (Ireland) and Ana Paola Camacho & Natalia Villagomez Beltran (Mexico)

Girl's 18 and Under

1st Aubrey O'brien (USA)
2nd Frédérique Lambert (Canada)
3rd Maria Paz Munoz (Ecuador) and Danielle Key (USA)

1st Danielle Key & Aubrey O'brien (USA)
2nd Adriana Riveros & Carolina Oña (Bolivia)
3rd Cristina Cordova & Maria Paz Munoz (Ecuador) and Jocelyn Loredo & Sofia Rascon (Mexico)

Follow the bouncing ball....


JTK said...

What would be nice is for the IRF to use R2 Sports which would list the participants. We could also potentially see draws and live updates without having to search for them. No R2? Why mess with a good thing?

Unknown said...

It is a shame not to use r2 for Junior Worlds. There is no posting of players and divisions. I feel like I'm back in the stone age trying to get info about our juniors. Not a good way to raise awareness of our up and coming players!!