Thursday, July 25, 2013

2013 World Games in Cali, Colombia - PREVIEW

The 2013 World Games begin on Thursday in Cali, Colombia with the open ceremonies. The racquetball competition is early in the two week multipart event that features non-Olympic sports with competitors from across the world.

The racquetball competition begins on Friday and run until Sunday. Sixteen of the top men and women racquetball players in the world are in Cali to battle for World Games gold. There will be a Round of 16 on Friday with quarter finals and finals on Saturday and the finals on Sunday. It's only a singles competition.

Players qualified for the World Games based on their performances in singles at last year's International Racquetball Federation (IRF) Wold Championships in the Dominican Republic. The players finishing positions are their seedings.

The top men's seeds are Rocky Carson (USA) 1st seed, followed by Polo Gutierrez (Mexico) 2nd, Jose Rojas (USA) 3rd and Gilberto Mejia (Mexico) 4th. On the women's side, Paola Longoria (Mexico) is seeded #1 with Jennifer Saunders (Canada) #2, Cheryl Gudinas #3 and Rhonda Rajsich #4.

Four years ago in Taiwan, Jack Huczek won his last gold medal internationally, as he defeated Carson 2-1 in the final, and Longoria won her first truly international gold medal (she did win gold in the 2006 Central American and Caribbean Games) when she beat Rajsich in the final.

This year Carson and Longoria are the favourites for the gold in Cali.

2013 World Games, Cali, Colombia

Men's Singles

Round of 16 - Friday (seeding. & 24 hour times)

1. Rocky Carson (USA) v. 16. Pedro Manolo Sandoval (GUA) - 18:00
8. Alejandro Herrera (Colombia) v. 9. Tim Landeryou (Canada) - 17:00

5. Carlos Keller (Bolivia) v. 12. Luis Reveron (Venezuela) - 16:00
4. Gilberto Mejia (Mexico) v. 13. Luis Perez (Dom Rep) - 15:00

3. Jose Rojas (USA) v. 14. Kim Mingyu (KOR) - 14:00
6. Shai Manzuri (Argentina) v. 11. Felipe Camacho (Costa Rica) - 14:00

7. Juan Herrera (Colombia) v. 10. Cesar Castillo (Venezuela) - 12:00
2. Polo Gutierrez (Mexico) v. 15. Kadim Carrasco (BOL) - 11:00

Women's Singles

Round of 16 - Friday (seeding. & 24 hour times)

1. Paola Longoria (Mexico) v. 16. Carolina Gomez (Colombia) - 18:00
8. Jung Eun Ane (South Korea) v. 9. Carola Loma (Bolivia) - 17:00

5. Angela Grisar (Chile) v. 12. Melania Sauma (Costa Rica) - 16:00
4. Rhonda Rajsich (USA) v. 13. Claudine Garcia (Dom Rep) - 15:00

3. Cheryl Gudinas (USA) v. 14. Mariana Tobon (Venezuela) - 14:00
6. Jessica Parrilla (Mexico) v. 11. Carla Muñoz (Chile) - 13:00

7. Naomi Wakimoto (Japan) v. 10. Toshiko Sakimoto (Japan) - 12:00
2. Jennifer Saunders (Canada) v. 15. Cristina Amaya (Colombia) - 11:00

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