Thursday, December 11, 2014

2014 IRT New Jersey Open Preview

The International Racquetball Tour (IRT) ends the 2014 calendar year with the New Jersey Open in Warren, New Jersey this weekend. Unfortunately, IRT #1 Kane Waselenchuk isn't fit to play, although he hopes to be back for the New York City Pro-Am, which will be the first IRT event of 2015 (no California Open in 2015). Nevertheless, there will be several quality matches in New Jersey.

That quality should start in the qualifying rounds, as there are two matches with players who have represented their countries facing off for spots in the Round of 16. In one, Canadian Coby Iwaasa and Colombian Sebastian Franco will face off with the winner to play IRT #2 Rocky Carson, who is the top seed this weekend. In the other, Canadian Tim Landeryou and Ecuadoran Jose Daniel Ugalde play for a chance to meet IRT #4 Jose Rojas on Friday.

In an all-American bracket of the draw, Danny Lavely will likely take on Jake Bredenbeck tonight with the winner to face Jansen Allen in the 16s.

In Waselenchuk's absence, Carson has to be the favourite to add to his tournament title count. But it's an opportunity for all the other players, like Rojas, Alvaro Beltran, Daniel De La Rosa, and Ben Croft to step up an take a title. Of those players, only Jose Rojas has won more than once, and he's only done it twice. De La Rosa is still looking for his first IRT title.

The IRT Network will have action live from Warren from Friday morning. Also note that the final will be Saturday night at 7 PM EST. The semi-finals will be 11 AM and noon on Saturday.

New Jersey Open
Warren, New Jersey - December 11-13, 2014

Qualifying Round 1

Mitch Posner v. Jonathan Clay
Jake Bredenbeck v. Jeremy Best
Fernando Rios v. Toby Devore

Jose Daniel Alvarez v. Abraham Cardenas
Sean Klingaman v. Joseph Palazzo

Qualifying Round 2

Q8: Coby Iwaasa v. Sebastian Franco
Q1: Alejandro Landa v. Mitch Posner or Jonathan Clay

Q4: Danny Lavely v. Jake Bredenbeck or Jeremy Best
Q5: Robert Collins v. Fernando Rios or Toby Devore

Q6: Tim Landeryou v. Jose Daniel Ugalde
Q3: Matthew Majxner v. Jose Daniel Alvarez or Abraham Cardenas

Q2: Jose Diaz v. Sean Klingaman or Joseph Palazzo
Q7: Mauricio Zelada v. Thomas Carter

Round of 16 - Friday (with seeding)

1. Rocky Carson v. Q8
8. Marco Rojas v. Q1

5. Jansen Allen v. Q4
4. Daniel De La Rosa v. Q5

3. Jose Rojas v. Q6
6. Charlie Pratt v. Q3

7. Ben Croft v. Q2
2. Alvaro Beltran v. Q7

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