Wednesday, December 11, 2019

2019 LPRT Christmas Classic - Preview

The 2019 Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT) Christmas Classic - the 28th Annual - goes this weekend in Laurel, Maryland with a field of 20 players in singles and 12 teams in doubles. The top 7 LPRT players are in the field led by LPRT #1 Paola Longoria. She’s the top seed in both singles and doubles with partner Samantha Salas, who is the 3rd seed in singles behind 2nd seed Maria Jose Vargas.

But also in the draw is Gabriela Martinez, the young Guatemalan who is the current International Racquetball Federation (IRF) Women’s Singles World Champion, having beaten Longoria in the final last year. She’ll also be in doubles with fellow Guatemalan Maria Renee Rodriguez, and that could make doubles especially interesting, especially as Alexandra Herrera will be without her usual doubles partner - Montserrat Mejia, with whom she won the US Open this year. However, Herrera is playing doubles, but with Carla Muñoz rather than Mejia.

Martinez and Rodriguez will play the young American team of Holly Scott and Lexi York first with the winner to face Longoria and Salas in the quarterfinals. That will be 8 PM Friday night, so you know what your Friday night plans should be.

Of course, you shouldn’t overlook 2nd seeds Natalia Mendez and Maria Jose Vargas, as well as the All-American team of Kelani Bailey Lawrence and Sheryl Lotts (the Double L team?) and a new team of two veterans in Cristina Amaya and Rhonda Rajsich. Rajsich hasn’t played much doubles recently, and Amaya usually plays with Adriana Riveros, who isn’t playing this weekend. It will be interesting to see how they do.

Look for this weekend’s action live via the LPRT YouTube channel or the LPRT website (click “LPRT Live” at the top of the page). The Round of 16 begins at 3 PM on Friday, with the quarterfinals on Saturday at 11 AM and noon, and the semi-finals at 5 and 6 PM. The doubles quarterfinals are Friday night at 7 and 8 PM with the semi-finals Saturday night at 7 and 8 PM. The singles final will be noon Sunday with the doubles final to follow at 1 PM. All times eastern.

2019 LPRT Christmas Classic, December 13-15, 2019
Laurel, Maryland

Round of 32 - Friday

1) Paola Longoria - BYE
16) Gabriela Martinez v. 17) Kelani Bailey Lawrence - 11 AM

9) Masiel Rivera - BYE
8) Cristina Amaya - BYE

5) Rhonda Rajsich - BYE
12) Adrienne Haynes - BYE

13) Jessica Parrilla v. 20) Gracie Wargo - 11 AM
4) Alexandra Herrera - BYE

3) Samantha Salas - BYE
14) Carla Muñoz v. 19) Lexi York - 10 AM

11) Cassi Lee - BYE
6) Natalia Mendez - BYE

7) Nancy Enriquez - BYE
10) Sheryl Lotts - BYE

15) Maria Renee Rodriguez v. 18) Hollie Scott - 10 AM
2) Maria Jose Vargas - BYE

Doubles - Round of 16 - Friday

1) Paola Longoria & Samantha Salas - BYE
8) Gabriela Martinez & Maria Renee Rodriguez v. 9) Hollie Scott & Lexi York - Noon

5) Kelani Bailey Lawrence & Sheryl Lotts v. 12) Jessica Chen & Megan Shelton - Noon
4) Nancy Enriquez & Jessica Parrilla - BYE

3) Alexandra Herrera & Carla Muñoz - BYE
6) Cristina Amaya & Rhonda Rajsich v. 11) T. J. Baumbaugh & Kelly Gremley - Noon

7) Abril Prado & Masiel Rivera v. 10) Malia Bailey & Cassi Lee - Noon
2) Natalia Mendez & Maria Jose Vargas - BYE

Follow the bouncing ball….

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