Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Denver Qualifying - UPDATED

The qualifying draw for this week's Motorola Racquetball World Championships in Denver - the first event of the International Racquetball Tour (IRT) season - has now been posted, and The Racquetball Blog was a little off in what we thought were the match-ups. But our errors were in the first round of qualifying, which we were most uncertain about.

So the updated and official qualifying draw is below.

With 31 players in the qualifying draw there should be three rounds to make the main draw of 16. There are several significant players in qualifying, as the tournament has 17 of the top 22 players and two of those missing are top ten players (Alvaro Beltran due to injury and Ben Croft).

The Herrera number is only 2 this weeekend, as Andres and Anthony will be in Denver and Juan and Alejandro won't be. Other notable players in qualifying are Cliff Swain, Javier Moreno, Mike Green, Kris Odegard, and Woody Clouse.

2009 Motorola Racquetball World Championships, Denver
Men's Singles Pro Qualifier

First Round

Q1 - Bryan Crosser vs BYE
Q2 - Felipe Munor vs. Jordan Walters
Q3 - Felipe Camacho vs Travis Mettenbrink
Q4 - Jason Geis vs Simon Payne
Q5 - Eduardo Avila vs Jeffrey Mayorga
Q6 - Sebastien Boissonneault vs Kevin Hernandez
Q7 - Woody Clouse vs Raymundo Garcia
Q8 - Tanner Mattson vs Jansen Allen

Second Round
Q8 - Polo Gutierrez vs. winner of Q8 in Round 1
Q7 - Cliff Swain vs winner of Q7
Q6 - Rafael Filippini vs winner of Q6
Q5 - Mike Green vs winner of Q5
Q4 - Keith Minor vs winner of Q4
Q3 - Tyler Otto vs winner of Q3
Q2 - Gil De Los Rios vs winner of Q2
Q1 - Charles Pratt vs Bryan Crosser

Final Round
Q1 - Travis Woodbury vs winner of Q1 in 2nd round
Q8 - Anthony Carson vs winner of Q8

Q5 - Anthony Herrera vs winner of Q5
Q4 - Kris Odegard vs winner of Q4

Q3 - Andres Herrera vs winner Q3
Q6 - Javier Moreno vs winner of Q6

Q7 - Alejandro Landa vs winner of Q7
Q2 - Hiroshi Shimizu vs winner of Q2


Kane Waselenchuk v. Q8
Andy Hawthorne v. Q1

Shane Vanderson v. Q4
Jason Mannino v. Q5

Jack Huczek v. Q6
Mitch Williams v. Q3

Chris Crowther v. Q2
Rocky Carson v. Q7

Follow the bouncing ball....

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