Friday, September 27, 2013

IRT Rankings September 27, 2013

The first International Racquetball Tour (IRT) tour event of the season may have changed some perceptions of what will happen this season, but it didn't change the top four rankings at all. Kane Waselenchuk remains #1 with Rocky Carson #2, Alvaro Beltran #3, and Jose Rojas #4, although Rojas won the Stockton Pro-Am two weeks ago, beating Waselenchuk and Carson in the process. It was Waselenchuk's first loss in a complete match in four and half years.

Waselenchuk and Rojas could meet again in the semi-finals at the US Open next week in Minneapolis, where Waselenchuk will be trying to win his 9th US Open title. He hasn't lost a US Open match since 2002, winning every US Open he's entered since then.

Ben Croft is #5 moving ahead of Chris Crowther, who's #6, with Tony Carson 7th and Daniel De La Rosa 8th. Shane Vanderson, who is not in the US Open field, is 9th. Javier Moreno, the Mexican veteran lefty, rounds out the top 10.

There a bit of movement in ranks 11-20 although not one dropped out of that range. Marco Rojas - Jose's younger brother - and Jansen Allen had the biggest moves, going up 2 positions each, with Marco Rojas at 11th and Allen at 15th.

The IRT's second event of 2013-14 is the US Open next week - October 2-6 - in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Everyone will be trying to stop Waselenchuk from winning his 9th US Open title, which would also set the IRT record for most career tournament wins. But it would be a big shock if Waselenchuk doesn't win in Minneapolis.

IRT Rankings - September 27, 2013

Rank - Player - Country - Points

1 Kane WASELENCHUK (Canada) 3844
2 Rocky CARSON (USA) 3456
3 Alvaro BELTRAN (Mexico) 2470
4 Jose ROJAS (USA) 2150
5 Ben CROFT (USA) 1842

6 Chris CROWTHER (USA) 1830
7 Tony CARSON (USA) 1422
8 Daniel DE LA ROSA (Mexico) 1293
9 Shane VANDERSON (USA) 1066
10 Javier MORENO (Mexico) 1063

11 Marco ROJAS (USA) 1040
12 Alex ACKERMANN (USA) 974
13 Andy HAWTHORNE (USA) 914
14 Jose DIAZ (USA) 860
15 Jansen ALLEN (USA) 854

16 Alejandro LANDA (Mexico) 800
17 Anthony HERRERA (USA) 736
18 Brad SCHOPIERAY (USA) 637
19 David HORN (USA) 523
20 Nick MONTALBANO (USA) 480

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