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LPRT Rankings - September 3, 2013

Results from the first Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT) event of the season did not change the top six players in the LPRT rankings, which were released on Wednesday. Paola Longoria remains #1 with Rhonda Rajsich #2, Samantha Salas #3, Susana Acosta #4, Cheryl Gudinas #5, and Adrienne Haynes #6.

However, after that there are plenty of changes, as some young players had excellent results at that first event in Stockton, California. Maria Jose Vargas was a semi-finalist there and she has moved up to the #7 spot.

Vargas moved ahead of Grace Hughes and Cristina Amaya, who are 8th and 9th, respectively. Da'monique Davis, a quarter finalist in Stockton, moves up to 10th.

Veronica Sotomayor was the runner up in Stockton to Longoria, and she's moved up the rankings to 11th from from 16th.

Falling out of the top 10 for the first time in several years is Kerri Wachtel, who's 12th, as she didn't play in Stockton.

Also notable in the 11-20 spots are Maria Paz Muñoz, who's up to 17th, and Carla Muñoz (no relation), who's broken into the top 20 at #20.

The next LPRT event is the Albierto Mexicano de Racquetas in Toluca, Mexico September 20-22. That's a Grand Slam event. The 3 Wall Ball World Championships in Las Vegas is a LPRT satellite event, and that's going September 18-22.

LPRT Rankings - September 3, 2013
Season Ending Rankings

Rank - Name - Country - Points

1 Paola Longoria (Mexico) 2180.00
2 Rhonda Rajsich (USA) 1256.00
3 Samantha Salas (Mexico) 672.50
4 Susy Acosta (Mexico) 597.00
5 Cheryl Gudinas (USA) 509.50

6 Adrienne Haynes (USA) 444.75
7 Maria Jose Vargas (Bolivia) 400.75
8 Grace Hughes (USA) 393.50
9 Cristina Amaya (Colombia) 340.75
10 Da'monique Davis (USA) 328.75

11 Veronica Sotomayor (Ecuador) 292.50
12 Kerri Wachtel (USA) 284.75
13 Krystal Csuk (USA) 284.00
14 Jennifer Saunders (Canada) 270.50
15 T.J. Baumbaugh (USA) 260.75

16 Jackie Paraiso (USA) 227.00
17 Maria Paz Muñoz (Ecuador) 167.00
18 Hailey Miller (USA) 165.75
19 Sheryl Lotts (USA) 142.25
20 Carla Muñoz (Chile) 129.50

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