Thursday, October 23, 2014

Quarterfinal day produces drama at World Junior Championships - Girl's Divisions

There were some upsets on quarterfinal day in the girl's competition at the 26th International Racquetball Federation (IRF) World Junior Racquetball Championships in Cali, Colombia.

In Girl's U18, American Lexi York came back from 10-5 down in the tie-breaker to defeat 4th seed Hawira Rojas, 14-15, 15-9, 11-10. York got down in the breaker, because she was skipped several shots on both the forehand and backhand sides. But match point came as a result of Rojas having her headband come off as she was setting up for shot that would have got her the serve back.

York will play top seed Lucia Gonzalez of Mexico in the semi-finals Friday, as Gonzalez beat Maria Cespedes of the Dominican Republic, 15-7, 15-12, in the quarters.

Two tie-breakers in U16, and it was the top two seeds who had play them with one of them winning and the other losing. Top seed Jordan Cooperrider of the USA won her match against Merinanllely Delgado of the Dominican Republic), 15-11, 8-15, 11-5, but 2nd seed Natalia Mendez of Bolivia lost to fellow Bolivian Hawira Rojas, 9-15, 15-7, 11-8.

That could be the first time Mendez has not reached the podium when playing in a World Cup (U14, U16, U18) division.

In U14, there was a Bolivia-Bolivia match won by Wanda Carvajal, who beat team-mate Adriana Homsi, 13-15, 15-7, 11-7. Also, Mexican Ana Laura Flores defeated Maria Jose Muñoz of Ecuador, 15-5, 15-4, in the quarterfinals, and she'll play defending U14 champion Gabriela Martinez, who was a winner over Alexis Iwaasa of Canada, 15-2, 15-3.

Carvajal and Homsi will play for gold in U14 doubles, as they defeated Ecuador's Ivana Sempertegui & Adriana Homsi, 15-3, 15-7, in the semi-finals Thursday. Their opponents will be Monserrat Mejia and Andrea Ramirez of Mexico, as they beat Alejandra Jimenez Castillo and Rodaliza Perdomo of Dominican Republic, 15-11, 15-4.

In U16 and U18 doubles the top seeds will play for gold Saturday, as they both won their semi-final matches Thursday. In U18, Ximena Gonzalez and Alexandra Herrera of Mexico will face Gabriela Martinez and Maria Renee Rodriguez of Guatemala, and in U16 Mexicans Diana Aguilar and Ana Sofia Gasca will face off against Melania Sauma and Sofia Soley of Costa Rica.

The elimination round continues Friday with the semi-finals and finals on Saturday. There will be live streaming of the semi-finals and finals from Cali via the IRF Network for free.

26th IRF World Junior Racquetball Championships
Cali, Colombia

Girl's U18 Singles

Quarterfinals - Thursday

Lucia Gonzalez (Mexico) d. Maria Cespedes (Dominican Rep.), 15-7, 15-12
Lexi York (USA) d. Hawira Rojas (Bolivia), 14-15, 15-9, 11-10

Alexandra Herrera (Mexico) d. Maria Renee Rodriguez (Guatemala), 15-3, 15-11
Natalia Mendez (Bolivia) d. Michèle Morissette (Canada), 15-3, 15-12

Semi-finals - Friday

Lucia Gonzalez (Mexico) v. Lexi York (USA)
Natalia Mendez (Bolivia) v. Alexandra Herrera (Mexico)

Girl's U16 Singles

Quarterfinals - Thursday

Jordan Cooperrider (USA) d. Merinanllely Delgado (Dominican Republic), 15-11, 8-15, 11-5
Melania Sauma (Costa Rica) d. Erika Manilla (USA), 15-5, 15-7

Diana Aguilar (Mexico) d. Sofia Soley (Costa Rica), 15-5, 15-7
Hawira Rojas (Bolivia) d. Natalia Mendez (Bolivia), 9-15, 15-7, 11-8

Semi-finals - Friday

Jordan Cooperrider (USA) v. Melania Sauma (Costa Rica)
Diana Aguilar (Mexico) v. Hawira Rojas (Bolivia)

Girl's U14 Singles

Quarterfinals - Thursday

Monserrat Mejia (Mexico) d. Amita Gondi (India), 15-5, 15-8
Wanda Carvajal (Bolivia) d. Adriana Homsi (Bolivia), 13-15, 15-7, 11-7

Ana Laura Flores (Mexico) d. Maria Jose Munoz (Ecuador), 15-5, 15-4
Gabriela Martinez (Guatemala) d. Alexis Iwaasa (Canada), 15-2, 15-3

Semi-finals - Friday

Monserrat Mejia (Mexico) v. Wanda Carvajal (Bolivia)
Gabriela Martinez (Guatemala) v. Ana Laura Flores (Mexico)

Girl's U18 Doubles

Semi-finals - Thursday

Ximena Gonzalez & Alexandra Herrera (Mexico) d. Merinanllely Delgado & Maria Cespedes (Dominican Rep.), 15-4, 15-0
Gabriela Martinez & Maria Renee Rodriguez (Guatemala) v. Danielle Drury & Michèle Morissette (Canada), 15-3, 15-9

Final - Saturday

Ximena Gonzalez & Alexandra Herrera (Mexico) v. Gabriela Martinez & Maria Renee Rodriguez (Guatemala)

Girl's U16 Doubles

Semi-finals - Thursday

Diana Aguilar & Ana Sofia Gasca (Mexico) d. Alexandra Murray & Jewel Sauvé (Canada), 15-0, 15-1
Melania Sauma & Sofia Soley (Costa Rica) d. Jordan Cooperrider & Erika Manilla (USA), 15-6, 15-13

Final - Saturday

Diana Aguilar & Ana Sofia Gasca (Mexico) v. Melania Sauma & Sofia Soley (Costa Rica)

Girl's U14 Doubles

Semi-finals - Thursday

Monserrat Mejia & Andrea Ramirez (Mexico) d. Alejandra Jimenez Castillo & Rodaliza Perdomo (Dominican Rep.), 15-11, 15-4
Wanda Carvajal & Adriana Homsi (Bolivia) d. Maria Jose Munoz & Ivana Sempertegui (Ecuador), 15-3, 15-7

Final - Saturday

Monserrat Mejia & Andrea Ramirez (Mexico) v. Wanda Carvajal & Adriana Homsi (Bolivia)

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