Friday, September 18, 2015

2015 WRT Suncoast Open Preview

The World Racquetball Tour (WRT) is back in action with the second of back to back events, as the Suncoast Open begins Friday in Sarasota, Florida. Last weekend, Alejandro Cardona won the Grace Warrior Atlanta Open defeating Jake Bredenbeck in the final. Cardona also won doubles with Christian Longoria, when they beat Gerardo Franco and Anthony Herrera in the final.

Cardona and Bredenbeck are back in action again along with 25 others vying for the singles title with 22 (11 teams) in the doubles draw. Cardona and Longoria are playing doubles again, but Franco is playing with Sebastian Franco (no relation we believe as Gerardo’s from Mexico and Sebastian’s from Colombia) as Herrera opted out of doubles in Sarasota.

Cardona is looking to solidify his #1 WRT ranking, having won three of the last four WRT events. Bredenbeck is the WRT #2, and has finished runner up in the last four events. He’ll certainly be looking to get over that hump, and back in the winners’ circle.

You can follow the action via the WRT website. The Round of 32 will begins at noon EDT Friday with the Round of 16 to start at 5 PM EDT. The quarterfinals and semi-finals will be Saturday morning and evening, respectively with the final at noon on Sunday.

2015 WRT Suncoast Open
Sarasota, Florida

Men’s Singles - Round of 32

1) Alejandro Cardona - BYE
16) Mike Harmon v. 17) Rod Van Dyke

9) Jose Daniel Ugalde v. 24) Noslen Jimenez
8) Jaime Martell v. 25) Scott Rubin

5) Sebastian Franco - BYE
12) Brent Walters v. 21) Kevin Vazquez

13) Nicolai Miramontes v. 20) Nick Hand
4) Andree Parrilla - BYE

3) David Horn - BYE
14) Matt Fontana v. 19) Wesley Miller

11) Gerardo Guevara v. 22) Robert Koontz
6) Anthony Herrera v. 27) Bobby Morales

7) Christian Longoria v. 26) Luciano Soltren
10) Gerardo Franco v. 23) Armany Gonzalez

15) Jeremy Best v. 18) Toby St Pierre
2) Jake Bredenbeck - BYE

Men’s Doubles - Round of 16

1) Alejandro Cardona & Christian Longoria - BYE
8) Mike Harmon & Wesley Miller v. 9) Armany Gonzalez & Robert Koontz

5) David Horn & Gene Rebeor - BYE
4) Gerardo Guevara & Rafael Filippini - BYE

3) Gerardo Franco & Sebastian Franco - BYE
6) Jeremy Best & Matt Fontana v. 11) Noslen Jimenez & Kevin Vazquez

7) Toby St Pierre & Brent Walters v. 10) Nick Hand & James Russell
2) Jaime Martell & Jose Daniel Ugalde - BYE

Follow the bouncing ball….

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