Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2016 LPRT Winter Classic Preview

The Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT) is back in action this weekend with the 11th Annual Winter Classic in Overland Park, Kansas. The draw is smaller that usual, but three of the top four LPRT players will be in action, including IRT #1 Paola Longoria, #3 Rhonda Rajsich, and #4 Frédérique Lambert. Longoria is undefeated this season, but both Rajsich and Lambert have won games against her, so she won’t be winning easily in Kansas.

They’ll also play doubles in Kansas, but with some of the top players missing, and Longoria not playing doubles, the field will be wide open. Lambert and Sofia Rascon are the top seeds in doubles with US Open finalists Alexandra Herrera and Monserrat Mejia as 2nd seeds.

Also in the doubles draw is Rhonda Rajsich, who’s playing with Carlos Muñoz, as well as current Canadian Women’s Doubles Champions Danielle Drury and Jennifer Saunders, who’ll be in tough off the bat against Herrera and Meija.

The action starts Friday, and the Round of 16 can be seen live via the LPRT Livestream channel from 3 PM central time.

LPRT 11th Annual Winter Classic
February 19-21, 2015 - Overland Park, Kansas

Round of 16

1) Paola Longoria - BYE
16) Jennifer Saunders v. 17) Gabrielle Shnurman

9) Masiel Rivera - BYE
8) Adrienne Haynes - BYE

5) Alexandra Herrera - BYE
12) Monserrat Mejia - BYE

13) Cecilia Pratt - BYE
4) Sofia Rascon - BYE

3) Frédérique Lambert - BYE
14) Laura Brandt v. 19) Danielle Drury

11) T. J. Baumbaugh - BYE
6) Jessica Parrilla - BYE

7) Carlos Muñoz - BYE
10) Adriana Riveros - BYE

15) Jordan Cooperrider v. 18) Michèle Morissette
2) Rhonda Rajsich - BYE

LPRT Doubles - Quarterfinals

1) Frédérique Lambert & Sofia Rascon v. 8) Gabrielle Shnurman & Hannah Shnurman
4) Jessica Parrilla & Cecilia Pratt v. 5) Masiel Rivera & Adriana Riveros

3) Carlos Muñoz & Rhonda Rajsich v. 6) T. J. Baumbaugh & Adrienne Haynes
2) Alexandra Herrera & Monserrat Mejia v. 7) Danielle Drury & Jennifer Saunders

Follow the bouncing ball....

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