Saturday, February 6, 2016

Racquetball Canada National Team Selection Event - Semi-finals

They are down to the finals at the second Racquetball Canada National Team Selection Event of the season in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Mike Green and Tim Landeryou will playoff for the Men's title with Jennifer Saunders and Michèle Morissette vying or the Women's title.

Frédérique Lambert, the #1 ranked Canadian woman, is not in Grande Prairie, as she will likely qualify for the team because of her ranking on the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT). She's currently #4, and needs to finish in the top 8 to qualify for Team Canada.

Saunders is Canada's #2 player, and was expected to be in the final. But Morissette, the current Canadian U18 Junior Girl's Champion, reached the final with narrow victories over Christine Richardson, 15-13, 15-13, and Danielle Drury, 15-11, 13-15, 12-10.

In Men's Singles, Canadian #1 Mike Green defeated 4th seed Pedro Castro, 15-0, 15-12, and Green was perhaps trying to make a statement in game one, as he and Castro went tie-breaker in November at the first National Team Selection Event of the season. Green likely felt it shouldn't have been that close, and wanted to prove that this time around.

In November, Green lost in the final to Samuel Murray, but he won't have a chance to avenge that loss Sunday, as Murray lost in a tie-breaker to veteran Tim Landeryou, 10-15, 15-12, 11-9. Landeryou won the tie-breaker with perhaps the shot of the tournament, as he dove forward and hit a backhand pinch shot that rolled out of the front left corner.

The results of this tournament will be used as part of the selection process for Team Canada that will compete at the 2016 Pan American Championships in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Players are also working towards being selected to represent Canada at the 2016 International Racquetball Federation (IRF) World Championships in Cali, Colombia in July.

Racquetball Canada National Team Selection Event
February 5-7, 2016 - Grande Prairie, Albert

Men's Final

Mike Green v. Tim Landeryou


Mike Green d. Pedro Castro, 15-0, 15-12
Tim Landeryou d. Samuel Murray, 10-15, 15-12, 11-9


Mike Green d. Tommy Murray, 15-2, 15-0
Pedro Castro d. Trevor Webb, 15-8, 15-0

Tim Landeryou d. Nathaniel Husulak, 16-14, 15-12
Samuel Murray d. Lee Connell, 15-7, 15-1

Round of 16

Mike Green d. Jeff Buller, 15-6, 15-0
Tommy Murray d. Nicolas Bousquet, 15-5, 15-12

Trevor Webb d. James Landeryou, 15-5, 15-8
Pedro Castro d. Tanner Prentice, 15-7, 15-11

Tim Landeryou d. Mitch Brayley, 15-9, 15-11
Nathaniel Husulak d. Michael Leduc, 15-8, 15-4

Lee Connell d. Tanner Mattson, 15-4, 15-4
Samuel Murray d. Barret Husulak, 15-7, 15-5

First Round

Jeff Buller d. Graham Frattinger, 15-5, 15-9
Mitch Brayley d. Devin Halko, 15-0, 15-5
Barret Husulak d. Paul Albert, 15-11, 15-6

Women's Final

Jennifer Saunders v. Michèle Morissette

3rd place

Christine Richardson v. Valerie Fallu

5th place

Danielle Drury v. Alexis Iwaasa

Group play

Group 1

Jennifer Saunders d. Valerie Fallu, 16-14, 15-1
Valerie Fallu d. Alexis Iwaasa, 15-8, 15-10
Jennifer Saunders d. Alexis Iwaasa, 15-3, 15-9

Group 2

Michèle Morissette d. Christine Richardson, 15-13, 15-13
Danielle Drury d. Cassie Prentice, 15-5, 15-2

Michèle Morissette d. Cassie Prentice, 15-1, 15-5
Christine Richardson d. Danielle Drury, 15-8, 15-10

Christine Richardson d. Cassie Prentice, 15-1, 15-2
Michèle Morissette d. Danielle Drury, 15-11, 13-15, 12-10

Follow the bouncing ball….

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