Thursday, January 8, 2009

IRT - California Open: Qualifying Draws

There were a few more qualifiers than we thought there would be in this weekend's California Open in Canoga Park, California, which is a Tier 1 International Racquetball Tour (IRT) event. There are 28 rather than 22, so the qualifying draw isn't exactly what we laid out for you on Monday. However, we've got the official draw below.

IRT 2009 California Open, Canoga Park, Calif.
First qualifying round

Matthew Barserian v. Jason Conway
Akio Shimizu v. Johnnie Molinari

Majeed Shahin v. David Horn
Tom Durham v. Darrell Baricuatro

Second qualifying round (IRT rank)

Josh Tucker v. Tony Jammal
Gil Mejia v. winner of Matthew Barserian v. Jason Conway

Jose Rojas v. Akio Shimizu or Johnnie Molinari
Mike Orr v. Bryce Milakovich

Dawoud Ghafarshad v. Felipe Munoz
Rafael Filippini v. Majeed Shahin v. David Horn

Cliff Swain v. Tom Durham or Darrell Baricuatro
Jason Geis v. Terry Durham

Third qualifying round

Q1 - Chris Crowther v. Josh Tucker or Tony Jammal
Q8 - Anthony Herrera v. Gil Mejia or Matthew Barserian or Jason Conway

Q5 - Hiroshi Shimizu v. Jose Rojas or Akio Shimizu or Johnnie Molinari
Q4 - Alejandro Herrera v. Mike Orr or Bryce Milakovich

Q3 - Andy Hawthorne v. Dawoud Ghafarshad or Felipe Munoz
Q6 - Travis Woodbury v. Rafael Filippini or Majeed Shahin or David Horn

Q7 - Andres Herrera v. Cliff Swain or Tom Durham or Darrell Baricuatro
Q2 - Juan Herrera v. Jason Geis or Terry Durham

Also, here's the main draw. The IRT shuffles the 4 to 8 players at regular Tier 1 events, so that the eighth seed doesn't always play into the first seed, for example. For the California Open, Kane Waselenchuk, now the eighth seed but undefeated this season, is in the bottom bracket, so he plays into Jack Huczek, the second seed.

Main Draw - Round of 16

(1) Rocky Carson - Q8
(5) Ben Croft - Q1

(6) Shane Vanderson - Q4
(4) Jason Mannino - Q5

(3) Alvaro Beltran - Q6
(7) Mitch Williams - Q3

(8) Kane Waselenchuk - Q2
(2) Jack Huczek - Q7

Follow the bouncing ball....

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